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Wilhelm Meinhold

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Wilhelm Meinhold

Johannes Wilhelm Meinhold (27 February 1797[1] – 30 November 1851) was a Pomeranian priest and author.


Meinhold was born in Lütow on the island of Usedom, where his father Georg Wilhelm Meinhold (1767–1728) was a Lutheran priest.

Growing up in the atmosphere of the Napoleonic Wars, he enrolled as a student at the University of Greifswald in Swedish Pomerania in the fall of 1813.[1] After his theological education, he was priest in Koserow on Usedom from 1821 until 1827.[2] For the next 17 years, he was priest in Krummin, also on Usedom, before he relocated to Farther Pomerania.

He retired early on account of his insubordinate behavior and died in 1851 in Berlin-Charlottenburg.[3]

Meinhold was a poet, playwright, and novelist.[4]


Meinhold's best known works are two historical Gothic romance novels:


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