Wilhelm von Hahnke

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Wilhelm Gustav Karl Bernhard von Hahnke
Wilhelm von Hahnke.jpg
Born 1 October 1833
Died 8 February 1912
Nationality Prussian
Occupation Field Marshal

Wilhelm Gustav Karl Bernhard von Hahnke (October 1, 1833 in Berlin – February 8, 1912) was a Prussian Field Marshal. He was the son of later prussian Oberst Wilhelm von Hahnke (died 1861) and his wife Angelique, née von der Lancken (died 1873). He married 1865 in Berlin Josephine von Bülow (1842–1911), daughter of Friedrich von Bülow (1789–1853). The couple had seven sons and two daughters, among them: Wilhelm (1867–1931), prussian Major general ∞ Elisabeth von Schlieffen (born 1869), daughter of Field Marshal Alfred von Schlieffen, and Adolf (3 July 1873–6 July 1936), jurist.

In 1888 he was appointed Chief of the German Imperial Military Cabinet.

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