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Established 1559

The Wilhelmsgymnasium of Munich, founded in 1559, is an academic secondary school, and the oldest such school in Munich. According to its 2006-year book, the results of the school's students in the Abitur were the best in the whole of Bavaria. In addition to that, the ministry of education ("Kultusministerium") confirmed that this "gymnasium" achieved outstanding accomplishments in terms of efficiency and social work. Over a course of decades, this highly renowned school achieved the best graduation results in Bavaria.

Since 2004, this has been the only school in Bavaria which can claim to be a Humanistisches Gymnasium on the traditional pattern, meaning that it focuses on the Classics: each of the approximately 600 students needs to study Latin, English, and Ancient Greek, as well as taking a variety of other courses.


The Gymnasium was founded in 1559 by Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria as a "Paedagogium", but was renamed in 1849 after its probable sponsor, Duke Wilhelm V. By 1773, the Gymnasium was under Jesuit direction ("Jesuit Gymnasium"). The present building on Thierschstraße (corner of Maximilianstraße) was erected in 1879 in Neo-Renaissance style.

Notable former pupils[edit]

The school has had many famous (and infamous) students, who include (in alphabetical order):

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