Wilhelmshaven Power Station (E.ON)

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2012-05-13 Nordsee-Luftbilder DSCF8597.jpg
Aerial view of the power station (May 2012)
Wilhelmshaven Power Station (E.ON) is located in Lower Saxony
Wilhelmshaven Power Station (E.ON)
Location of in Lower Saxony
Country Germany
Coordinates 53°33′52.4″N 8°8′47″E / 53.564556°N 8.14639°E / 53.564556; 8.14639Coordinates: 53°33′52.4″N 8°8′47″E / 53.564556°N 8.14639°E / 53.564556; 8.14639
Commission date 1976
Operator(s) EON Kraftwerke GmbH
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Fossil Fuel: Coal
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 756 MW

The Wilhelmshaven Power Station is one of two coal power stations in the city of Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Built in the middle of the 1970s, the power station has an output of 747 megawatts.

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