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Wili Jønsson (born 27 March 1942) is a Danish rock musician and member of 1970s band Gasolin'. He was known as a backing singer, keyboardist, composer and bass guitarist.

He went to the Gerbrandsskolen together with Franz Beckerlee. In 1969 Jønsson got together with childhood friend Franz Beckerlee. After meeting Kim Larsen, the three together founded Gasolin' which later was joined by drummer Søren Berlev.

The band became one of the most successful Danish rock bands at the time, but was dissolved in the late 1970s. Gasolin' has always refused to reform although they are just as popular now as in the seventies. This has also contributed to the myth and magic of Gasolin'.

In 2006 a movie called "Gasolin'" directed by Anders Østergaard became a big hit in Denmark. The movie is an excellent introduction to the story of Gasolin'.

Since the breakup of Gasolin', Wili Jønsson has played with a wide variety of Danish Rock bands and artists, including Frede Fup, TYG, Sanne Salomonsen, Sort Sol, Allan Olsen and still playing in the Danish underground band Bolværket.

Albums (Gasolin') on CBS/Columbia Records[edit]

(Compilation and live records not included)