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Will A. Heelan was an American lyricist during the early 20th century. He collaborated with a number of composers and lyricists including E. P. Moran, Seymour Furth, J. Fred Helf and Harry Von Tilzer.


"Ha-le ha-lo" or "That's what the Germans sang"
  • 1899 "I'd Leave My Happy Home for You", "Rauss mit ihm"[1]
  • 1900 "Every Race Has a Flag but the Coon", "In The House Of Too Much Trouble", "There Are Two Sides To A Story".
  • 1901 "Ha-le ha-lo" or "That's what the Germans sang",[2] "Maizy, my dusky daisy"[3]
  • 1902 "The Message Of The Rose".
  • 1903 "The Message Of The Rose".
  • 1906 "Alice, Where Art Thou Going?", "Nothing Like That In Our Family"
  • 1907 "No Wedding Bells For Me".
  • 1908 "A Singer Sang A Song".


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