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Will Bashor (born Harold Willis Bashor, Jr.; 6 February 1951) is an American author of French history and international law.

Background and education[edit]

Bashor received his doctorate in International Relations from the American Graduate School in Paris (2004), and he teaches at Ohio Dominican University, Columbus, Ohio. His interests have ranged over many fields, among them the study of international law and business, linguistics, cultural anthropology, and European history. He received his M.A. in French Literature from Ohio University and is an active member of the Society for French Historical Studies.[1]


Marie Antoinette's Head: The Royal Hairdresser, the Queen, and the Revolution was awarded the Adele Mellen Prize for Distinguished Scholarship.[2] This narrative of the life of Léonard Autié was also a top finalist for the 2013 USA Best Book Awards.[3] In addition to the awards, Marie Antoinette's Head was one of the New York Post's five "must-read" books of the week,[4] and it was featured in the 2013 Fall Vogue UK fashion issue as well as receiving the Kirkus Star Award.


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