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For 19th-century baseball player, see Will Holland (baseball).
Will Holland
Will Holland performing.jpg
Will Holland performing with 'Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro' in 2009
Background information
Also known as Quantic
Origin England
Genres cumbia
bossa nova
trip hop
Years active 2000–present
Labels Tru Thoughts
Associated acts The Quantic Soul Orchestra
The Limp Twins
Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro

William "Will" Holland is a musician, DJ and record producer from Bewdley, Worcestershire. He is based in New York City after spending 7 years in Colombia.

He records under various guises, notably, Quantic, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, and The Limp Twins. His music draws upon elements of cumbia, salsa, bossa nova, soul, funk and jazz. Holland plays guitars, bass, double bass, piano, organ, saxophone, accordion and percussion. Much of his sound is original composition with little in the way of sampling of other artists' material.

Holland also has his own label Magnetic Fields on which he releases heavy soul and funk. He has also taken on remix duties for over 30 songs.


His albums The 5th Exotic (2001) and Apricot Morning (2002) featured vocals from British artists including soul singer Alice Russell. In 2003, he assembled The Quantic Soul Orchestra, a new project aimed at producing 60s/70s style raw funk, playing guitar himself, and featuring other musicians including his saxophonist sister, Lucy Holland."[1]

In 2007, Holland moved to Cali, Colombia. He set up an analogue studio "Sonido del Valle" and recorded and released The Quantic Soul Orchestra album Tropidélico (2007) and the self-titled debut from his tropical-dub side project, Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno (2008), which featured a variety of musicians from the area. He subsequently assembled the Combo Bárbaro (Bárbaro is colloquially referred to as very talented in Colombia).[2]

Holland's 2008 collaboration with Nickodemus "Mi swing es tropical" was featured on an Apple iPod television commercial.[3]



Holland has self produced eighteen studio albums under various pseudonyms:



Holland has collaborated and featured on many recordings, including:

  • Alice Russell, on the track "Somebody's Gonna Love You" from the album Under the Munka Moon (2004).
  • The Whitefield Brothers on the track "Lullaby For Lagos" from the album Earthology (2009), [as Guitarist].
  • Lanu, on the track "Mother Earth" from the album This Is My Home (2007).
  • Transgressors, on the tracks 'Will Power' & 'Money for Born, Money for Die' from the single Will Power (2012), [as Guitarist].
  • Mr. Scruff, on the tracks "It's Dancing Time" (2002), "Giraffe Walk" (2006) and "Donkey Ride" (2008).
  • Nickodemus, on the single "Mi Swing es Tropical" (2008) [as Co-writer and Guitarist], "La Lluvia", "Didibina" (2009) and "Conmigo" (2012), [as Guitarist].
  • DJ Greyboy, on the track "Got to Be a Love" from the album Soul Mosaic (2004).
  • Nostalgia 77, on the track "Thing" (2004), [as Saxophonist].
  • Kinny, on the track "Enough Said", (2008)

The Quantic Soul Orchestra[edit]

2009 with his Quantic Soul Orchestra, NYC
Further information: The Quantic Soul Orchestra

With a live band of musicians, Holland has recorded as The Quantic Soul Orchestra. The band line-up has consisted of numerous members, with only Holland being a constant. Former members include Holland's sister, Lucy, on saxophone, and his Limp Twins collaborator, Russ Porter. They have released three LPs, plus a collaborative album with Spanky Wilson.

Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro[edit]

Further information: Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro


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