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Will Pan

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Will Pan
Wilber Pan 20090801.jpg
Pan in Singapore in August 2009
Background information
Chinese name潘瑋柏 (traditional)
Chinese name潘玮柏 (simplified)
PinyinPān Wěibó (Mandarin)
Born (1980-08-06) 6 August 1980 (age 38)
West Virginia, United States
Other namesWill Pan, Pan Weibo, Pan Shuai
OccupationSinger, songwriter, actor, host, music producer, entrepreneur, rapper
Years active2001–present
Genre(s)Mandopop, hip-hop, electronic
Label(s)Warner Music Taiwan (2017–present)
Universal Music Taiwan (2002–2015)
Alpha Sonic (2012–present)
Juicy Music (2005–2011)
Carrier Creative Mate (2001–2005)
BMG (2001–2002)
Golden Bell Awards
46th Best Actor
2011 Endless Love

Wilber Pan (traditional Chinese: 潘瑋柏; simplified Chinese: 潘玮柏; pinyin: Pān Wěibó; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Phoaⁿ Úi-peh; born 6 August 1980), also known as Will Pan, is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and entrepreneur. He started his career as a host of Channel V programs. In 2011, Pan was awarded Best Actor for Endless Love (愛∞無限) at the 46th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan's equivalent to the Emmy Awards.[1]

In recent years, Pan ventured into the business world. Pan's business interests extends into streetwear fashion and developing of mobile games. In 2009, he launched the streetwear boutique N.P.C (New Project Center) which he collaborated with Chinese host Nic Li, in Shanghai.[2][3] N.P.C also has its stores in Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and at online shopping website Taobao.[4] In 2010, Pan established his streetwear brand "Undisputed" and modelled for the brand's promotional ads.[5] He is also the co-founder and chief creative officer of software company Camigo Media which develops popular mobile games such as "Fish Off", "Pig Rockets" and "MeWantBamboo 2", that has achieved over 20 million downloads to date.[6]

In April 2013, Pan was ranked 76th on 2013 Forbes China Celebrity 100 list, and 44th on the income list which was based on his estimated earnings of $31.9 million yuan in 2012.[7]

Early life[edit]

Pan was born in West Virginia, United States but moved to Taiwan at the age of seven. He attended Dominican International School and Taipei American School and graduated in 1999. He was offered an athletic scholarship in basketball by a NCAA college, but chose to continue his education at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in the United States. However, he left before graduating to pursue a showbiz career.[8]

In 1999, Pan took part in singing contest "BCC Star" while interning at the Broadcasting Corporation of China. He performed the song "Can't Wait" by Steve Seungjun Yoo and Yuki Hsu in the finals[9] and later went on to participate in NMG/BMG Los Angeles Singing Competition. The song which he performed, Alex To's "You Are Spoiled (把你寵坏)" won him the "Best Image Award". His performance at the singing competition caught the attention of Andy Lau's manager and he was invited to audition for Channel V's program host in Hong Kong.[10]



In 2001, Pan signed to BMG and made his debut hosting V Style Society alongside Jason Tang. In the same year, he acted in Taiwanese drama Great Teacher (麻辣鮮師) and contributed four songs in the original soundtrack.

In 2002, Will released his debut Mandarin solo album, Gecko Stroll, which sold over 130,000 copies in Taiwan.[11] The album contains the track "By My Side" (站在你這邊) composed by Jay Chou and "I'm Not Afraid" (我不怕) composed by Chinese singer Anson Hu. He collaborated with Evonne Hsu on the track "Special Guest" (特別來賓).

He was featured in Alec Su's 2002 song "Playing for Real" (玩真的).


His second album Pass Me The Mic was released in the following year on 19 September. The album includes his collaboration with Jason Tang on the track "Curry Chili" (咖哩辣椒). To promote his album, Pan starred in a five-part "music love story" (音樂愛情故事) which aired on SETTV variety show "Showbiz" (完全娛樂).

In October 2003, he held his first mini concert "Will's Show" at Nangang 101. A VCD, "Will Show Music Video Karaoke" which contains the concert highlights, was released in Jan 2004. In the compilation album "U Love" released by Universal Music Taiwan, he worked with Universal Music artists Energy and Evonne Hsu on the single "Universal Love".

He was awarded "Best Male Artist in sales records" at 2003 "G-Music Chart Awards" for Gecko Stroll.

He appeared as guest star in 2003 dramas Love Train (心動列車) and "Wu He Tian" (無河天).

In June 2004, he released a pictorial and conversational English book "Never Teach Me Grammar" (就是不想學文法). He co-wrote the contents during the period when he was hospitalised for knee injuries.[12][13]

He was featured in American singer-songwriter Christina Milian's song Dip It Low (Asian Mix) which is recorded in It's About Time (Asian Special Edition).

On 7 August 2004, Will staged his first overseas ticketed concert "Cool Play Concert" at Singapore Indoor Stadium with Taiwanese artist Chang Shan-wei.[14]

On 3 September 2004, he released his third album Wu Ha which features a duet, "快樂崇拜" (Adoration to Happiness) with singer Angela Chang. The album contains the track "我讓你走了" (Letting You Go) composed by Taiwanese singer Tank.


In July 2005, Pan released his fourth studio album The Expert, featuring Chinese singer Zhang Xianzi in the hit song "不得不愛" (Cannot Not Love). He convened a team "Pan@sonic" to assist him in album productions. The self-penned lead single "誰是 MVP" (Who's MVP) is mainly about an ambition to be the MVP in career and areas of interest. It also talks about Pan's emotional setbacks when he sustained serious ligament injury.[15] The album also contains the song "跟我走吧" (Leave With Me) composed by singer-songwriter JJ Lin.

On 13 August 2005, Pan held a celebration show in Taipei, performing tracks mainly from The Expert.

In December 2005, he released a remix album Will Pan's Freestyle Remix 2005 which contains the remix versions of his previously released hits and a bonus VCD of "決戰鬥室" (Battle Room) special version MV and "一指神功" (Android) MV.

On 23 June 2006, Pan released his fifth studio album Around the World which includes 2 duets. He collaborated with Taiwanese seasoned singer Su Rui on the track "我想更慬你" (Want To Know You) which is about contradictions between a mother and son. The other duet "戴上我的愛" (Wear My Love) features Chinese singer May Wang. The MV of the title track "反轉地球" (Around The World) featured his "Pan@sonic" team members, Taiwanese well-known choreographer Rambo (藍波) and songwriter Jeremy Ji. The album also contains the track "Pan@sonic", composed by the team. "Pan@sonic" subsequently dissolved shortly after Jeremy Ji left to pursue a singing career.

Shortly after the release of Around the World, one of the tracks "著迷" (Mesmerised) was accused of plagiarism by netizens. The MV concept of the song was also accused of being highly similar to South Korean singer Rain's song I Do. The credited composer Guan Weitang (官煒棠) later admitted to plagiarising the 1998 song "Each Time" by East 17. He eventually made an apology, agreeing to drop his name from the credits and bear all legal consequences. It was reported that Pan expressed shock and disappointment over the plagiarism incident.[16]

On 30 September 2006, Pan embarked on his first official headlining tour "Will Pan Around The World Concert Tour" which kicked off in Shanghai, China. Faye from Taiwanese band F.I.R. and singer Shin were special guests for the first stop. The concert tour went on for 16 months, from Sept 2006 to January 2008.


In September 2007, Pan released his sixth studio album Play It Cool. The album includes a collaboration with Mandopop singer Shin on the rock song "Shut Up". He worked with singer Tarcy Su, Taiwanese actress Angus Chang and Chinese actress Betty Sun in the MVs of "路太彎" (Road Too Windy), "說你愛我" (Say You Love Me) and "愛不離" (Love Doesn't Leave) respectively.

On 20 October 2007, he resumed his "Around The World Concert Tour" at Hefei in China, in line with the release of Play It Cool. Jay Chou was the special guest and they performed "聽媽媽的話" (Listen to Mother's Words) from Jay's album Still Fantasy.[17] The concert tour was later held in other cities of China, before ending on 1 January 2008 in Guangzhou. He released a concert DVD "Will Pan 2006-2007 Around The World Concert Tour" on 20 July 2007 which contains live and behind-the scenes footages of the tour.

In March 2008, Will collaborated with Jacky Cheung and S.H.E on the track "紅遍全球" (Red Around The World) (Third Edition). The song is recorded by brand ambassadors of Coca-Cola, as one of the torch relay songs at the 2008 Summer Olympics.[18]

On 18 July 2008, Pan released his first compilation album, Will's Future. It contains three new tracks, two medley remixes and 29 previously released songs. One of the new tracks, "夏日瘋" (Summer Craze), is the opening theme song of Taiwanese drama Miss No Good, which starred Will and Rainie Yang. The album also includes Will's first attempt in a Cantonese song which is the other version of ballad track "轉機"(Transfer). A second edition of Will's Future, released three months later, contains four instrumental tracks of Miss No Good and its insert song "同一個遺憾" (Same Regret) which Pan collaborated with Jeremy Ji.


Pan, Sean Kingston, Jam Hsiao and Andrew Ballen at a press conference in 2011

On 22 May 2009, Pan released his seventh studio album, 007. It features a duet, "Be with You" with American R&B singer Akon. The MV of the track "雙人舞" (Pas de Deux), with production costs of NT$7 million, features South Korean actress Lee Da-hae.[19] Pan also worked with Taiwanese actress Chen Kuangyi and Annie Chen in the music videos of "無重力" (Weightless) and "寂屋出租" (Silence Room for Rent).[20]

Pan held his second headlining tour, I'm Will Concert Tour, between September to December 2009. The futuristic-themed tour began in Shanghai, China and final stop held in Taipei, Taiwan.

In 2010, Pan guest starred in Pandamen directed by Jay Chou, and acted in Endless Love with Sandrine Pinna.

In January 2011, Pan released his eighth studio album 808 which features the opening theme song, "我們都怕痛" (We Are All Afraid of Pain), of Endless Love. He composed five tracks on the album including "觸動" (Touch) which he collaborated with Nichkhun of Korean boy band 2PM on the music video.

On 18 June 2011, Pan was the opening act of the 22nd Golden Melody Awards (the Chinese equivalent to the Grammy Awards), held at Taipei Arena.[21]

After starring in Endless Love, Pan was offered a number of acting opportunities, including the leading actor role of popular Taiwanese drama Love You. However, he declined the offers and cited that he will only consider roles which he is confident of performing up to his expectations.[22] The role of Love You later went to actor Joseph Chang, who was also nominated in the same category as Pan in the 46th Golden Bell Awards.

On 21 October 2011, Pan was awarded Best Actor at the 46th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan for Endless Love.[1]


In May, Pan was awarded three awards including "HITO Top 10 Songs" for the song "U U U" at Taiwan HITO Radio Music Awards. In the same month, he was named the ambassador of 2012 Asia Metro Street Dance Competition.[23]

Between 28 and 29 August, Pan partnered with Google+ and YouTube, and held a 24-hour Google+ Hangouts On-Air, in line with the promotion of his new album. He is the first Taiwanese American celebrity to broadcast publicly his life snippets at Google+ Hangouts On-Air within a 24-hour span.

On 31 August, he released his ninth studio album The Story of Billy. It features the opening theme song "華麗進行曲" (Extravagant March) and the insert songs "忘記擁抱" (Forgetting The Hug) and "專屬於你 " (Absolutely Yours), of Taiwanese drama Dong Men Si Shao. The MV of the title track "24個比利" (The Story of Billy) was directed by Hong Wonki and shot entirely in Korea with an all-Korean cast. He collaborated with Jeremy Ji in the MV of "華麗進行曲" (Extravagant March), and with Ann Hsu in the MV of "忘記擁抱" (Forgetting The Hug). He also worked with model-singer Dou Hua Mei in the MV of "專屬於你" (Absolutely Yours). The Story of Billy was the number-one album for 2 weeks on Taiwan's G-Music Weekly Top 20 Mandarin and Combo Charts[24][25] and number one for 1 week on Five Music Chart.[26]

On 26 September, he was one of the performers for the opening ceremony of the 21st Golden Rooster Film Festival held in Shaoxing, China.[27]

On 9 October, Pan released the second edition of The Story of Billy. It contains the remix version of "The Story of Billy"(24個比利) and a bonus DVD with six music videos. On 13 October, he held a celebration concert at Neo19 in Taipei, which was broadcast simultaneously on his YouTube Channel. He performed all the songs from The Story of Billy, including a piano rendition of "24個比利" (The Story of Billy). Singer-actress Cyndi Wang made a guest appearance during the song "華麗進行曲" (Extravagant March).[28]

At the 47th Golden Bell Awards held on 26 October, Pan and Taiwanese actress Tien Hsin (天心) presented the awards for the Best Actress and Best Director in a Television Series.[29]

Pan's third concert tour, "Unleashed" Concert Tour, kicked off on 10 November 2012 at Shanghai Grand Stage (Shanghai Gymnasium) in China. For the first time ever, Pan took on the role of concert producer and is also involved in areas of stage, lighting and costume design, songs lineup and music arrangement.[30]

The tour's first stop in Shanghai opened to a full house, and was attended by Pan's family members. He performed near to 30 songs of which more than two-thirds were his compositions. The concert was marked by 3D laser displays and an opening of Pan performing on a 3-storey high ball-shaped time machine. His N.P.C co-partner Nic Li was the concert guest and they sang a remix version of "Adoration to Happiness" (快樂崇拜), Party Rock Anthem and phenomenal song Gangnam Style. He ended the concert with an acoustic rendition of "24個比利" (The Story of Billy). The tour is slated to continue to various cities including Shenzhen and Taipei.[31][32]

On 27 December, Pan and Nic Li officiated the opening of their third NPC store in Hangzhou. The event was graced by their celebrity friends including host Chen Chien-chou, Jason Tang and Hong Kong lyricist Wyman Wong.[33]

At the 20th Chinese Music Chart Awards held at Taipei Arena on 29 December, Pan was awarded "All Round Artist of the Year" and "Most Popular Male Singer of the Year". He performed "24個比利" (The Story of Billy) that was awarded "Golden Melodies of the Year" .[34]


Pan was one of the big winners at the 3rd Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards. He was named "Most Popular Male Singer of the Year" and "Best Stage Performer of the Year". His song "不想醒來" (Don't Wanna Wake Up) from The Story of Billy was awarded the "Top 20 Golden Melodies of the Year". He attended the post-awards concert which took place at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 17 May 2013.[35][36]

On 14 April 2013, Pan took home MY Astro choice for Best International Singer, Best Stage Performer and Top 25 Golden Melodies for the song "不想醒來" (Don't Wanna Wake Up) at MY Astro Music Awards, held at Putra Indoor Stadium, Malaysia.[37] At the 17th Global Mandarin Chart Music Award (第17屆全球華語榜中榜), held on 18 April at CotaiArena, he was awarded "Best All Round Male Singer" and "Best Stage Performer".[38]

On 21 April 2013, Pan was award presenter and guest performer at Singapore Star Awards 2013. He presented the "Best Theme Song" award and performed a string of his hit songs.[39]

In May 2013, Pan was named the national anti-drugs ambassador of the year by the Ministry of Justice of Taiwan.[40][41]

Pan's tenth studio album, Crown & Clown, was released on 13 June 2014.[42] The album debuted at number one on the Taiwan Five Music Mandarin Chart, G-Music Weekly Top 20 Combo Chart and Chia Chia Record Mandarin Chart.[43][44][45] The album's lead single, "小丑" (Clown), written and composed by Pan, premiered on Hit FM radio station on 12 May.[46] The album features a duet, "打呼" (Snore), which Pan collaborated with Rainie Yang. "打呼" (Snore) is the opening theme song for the Taiwanese television series Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友).

Pan was scheduled to hold his Taipei concert on 25 October 2014, in support of his album Crown & Clown. The concert was, however, cancelled after Pan suffered severe head injuries while rehearsing for a mid-air stunt segment for the song "小丑" (Clown) at the Taipei Arena. He was reportedly rushed to the hospital where he received two stitching procedures and treatment for injuries that include a 17-centimetre cut on his scalp. He was also diagnosed to have suffered from a concussion. His management agency thereafter released a statement saying that the doctors have advised Pan to be kept under observation for at least five to seven days.[47][48][49] On 14 December 2014, Pan announced via Facebook that the concert was rescheduled to 31 January 2015. The rescheduled show was recorded and released as a 2-disc DVD on 25 December 2015, and features guest performers Jolin Tsai, Rainie Yang and Show Lo.[50]

In March 2017, Pan signed with record company Warner Music Taiwan.[51]

Personal life[edit]


Pan's father, of Shanghai descent, is a business management and psychology professor.[52][53] His mother, an alumnus of the prestigious Taipei First Girls' High School, is of Fujian descent.[54][55] His parents were featured on the track "怎麼著" (How) from Pan's seventh album 007.[56] He has a younger brother, Ben who is three years his junior.[57][58] During the early years of his career, Pan used part of his takings to fund his brother's studies in the United States.[59]


Pan maintains a relatively low profile in his personal life. His first girlfriend is a Chinese-Dutch schoolmate whom he briefly dated for a month.[60][61] During his high school days, he dated a Japanese senior schoolmate, who is of mixed heritage and a year older. The three-year long relationship ended when Pan started out as an actor and singer. In 2006, he composed the song "謝謝" (Thank You) to commemorate this romance which he described as "the most unforgettable relationship I ever had".[62][63] In the early days of his career, it was reported that he had a three-year long relationship with his Great Teacher co-star Fan Hsiao-fun, and he had written the rap for her song "束縛" (Restrained) in 2002.[64][65] Pan is also romantically linked to his former label-mate Zhu An Yu[66][67] and singer Angela Chang whom he had collaborated on the song "快樂崇拜" (Adoration to Happiness).[68][69] In 2010, the Taiwanese tabloids reported that Pan was dating his former schoolmate, Bebe Yang, the daughter of a real estate entrepreneur and in 2014, the rumored relationship resurfaced after further reports suggested that they have been living together for a period of time.[70][70][71][72]


Pan has been an avid basketball fan since his early youth. He was the captain of his high school’s basketball team and a well-known figure in school for his outstanding performance in the sport.[73] He was awarded MVP in high school and it won him an athletic scholarship to further his studies in the United States. Though he did not take up the offer, he continued playing basketball during his university days and till today.[74] Some of his songs were inspired by his passion for basketball, notably "誰是 MVP" (Who's MVP), "決戰鬥室" (Battle Room), "一指神功" (Android), "背水一戰" (Never Lose) and "光榮" (Glory).

Humanitarian work[edit]

In 2009, Pan composed the mid-tempo track, "親愛的" (My Dear), which is the theme song of 2009 World Vision Taiwan (WVT)'s "Be Friends with Children of the World" campaign. The music video features the footages of Pan's visit to Honduras for World Vision projects.[75]

In August 2012, Pan visited Guiyang in China to interact with beneficiaries of Music Radio "I Want to Go to School" charity project. As ambassador of the project, he composed the theme song "Love X Love" (愛X愛) and roped in various artists of Universal Music, including Fish Leong and Da Mouth, to lend their voices in the single.[76]

In October 2013, Pan and his Miss No Good co-star Rainie Yang were appointed official co-ambassadors for the twenty-fifth edition of the "30 Hour Famine" event in Taiwan.[77] Two months later, Pan and Yang went on a 6-day field visit to Niger to increase awareness on the plight of children whose survival is threatened daily.[78]



Joint concert[edit]

Date Location Venue Remarks
7 August 2004 Singapore Singapore Indoor Stadium Singapore Cool Play Concert with Chang Shan-wei

Solo concert[edit]

2006-2008 Will Pan Around The World Concert Tour
Date Location Venue Special guest(s)
30 September 2006 Shanghai, China Shanghai Stadium Faye from F.I.R., Shin
28 October 2006 Nanjing, China Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium Jay Chou
24–26 November 2006 Beijing, China Beijing Exhibition Theatre -
3 December 2006 Quanzhou, China Jinjiang Stadium Shin, S.H.E
20 October 2007 Hefei, China Hefei Olympic Sports Center Stadium Jay Chou
18 November 2007 Chengdu, China Chengdu Sports Centre Shin
8 December 2007 Guiyang, China Guiyang New Stadium -
1 January 2008 Guangzhou, China Century Lotus Stadium -
2009 I'm Will Concert Tour
Date Location Venue Special guest(s)
18 September 2009 Shanghai, China Hongkou Football Stadium Jeremy Ji
17 October 2009 Wuhan, China Xinhua Road Sports Center Jeremy Ji
24 October 2009 Beijing, China Workers Stadium Jeremy Ji
6 December 2009 Taipei, Taiwan Taipei Arena MC HotDog, Evonne Hsu, Jessie Chiang, Jeremy Ji, Jason Tang
2012-2014 Will Pan "Unleashed" Concert Tour
Date Location Venue Special guest(s)
10 November 2012 Shanghai, China Shanghai Grand Stage (Shanghai Gymnasium) Nic Li
17 November 2012 Beijing, China MasterCard Center Kenji Wu
19 January 2013 Macau, China CotaiArena -
24 March 2013 Guangzhou, China Guangzhou Gymnasium -
29 June 2013 Shenzhen, China Shenzhen Bay Sports Center -
20 July 2013 Singapore The MAX Pavilion -
9 February 2014 Connecticut, United States Mohegan Sun Arena Ocean Ou
Kingdom of Eve 伊殿園 Concert
Date Location Venue Special guest(s)
25 October 2014
(Rescheduled to 31 January 2015)
Taipei, Taiwan Taipei Arena Jolin Tsai, Rainie Yang, Show Lo
Alpha 創使者世界巡迴演唱會 Concert
Date Location Venue Special guest(s)
21 April 2018 Beijing, China Cadillac Arena
23 June 2018 Chengdu, China Chengdu Performing Arts Center
29 June 2018 Shenzhen, China Shenzhen Bay Sports Center
28 July 2018 Nanning, China Guangxi Sports Center
8 August 2018 Shanghai, China Mercedes-Benz Arena
18 August 2018 Fuzhou, China Haixia Olympic Center Stadium
15 September 2018 Nanjing, China Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre
13 October 2018 Zhangjiagang, China Zhangjiagang Stadium
17 November 2018 Wuhan, China Optical Valley International Tennis Center
1 December 2018 Guangzhou, China Guangzhou International Sports Arena
9 March 2019 Taipei, Taiwan Taipei Arena


Television series[edit]

Year English title Original title Role Notes
2001 Great Teacher 麻辣鮮師 Money Alternative title: Ma La Xian Shi
2002 Happy Campus 麻辣高校生 Money Alternative title: Ma La Gao Xiao Sheng
2003 Love Train 心動列車 Jack Cameo
2003 Wu He Tian 無河天 Himself Cameo
2008 Miss No Good 不良笑花 Tang Men
2010 Pandamen 熊貓人 Jason Cameo
2010 Endless Love 愛∞無限 Liang Jing-hao
2017 Be With You 不得不愛 Hu Qianyu


Year English title Original title Role Notes
2008 Kung Fu Panda N/A Po Voice (Mandarin)
2011 Kung Fu Panda 2 N/A Po Voice (Mandarin)
2015 Bull Brothers 牛兄牛弟 Luo Ha Voice

Variety show[edit]

Year Network English title Original title Notes
2001 Channel V Taiwan V Style Society [V]式會社 Host
2001 Nan Fang Wa Kao Yao 南方哇靠妖 Host
2001 Da Han Liu 大韓流 Host
2002 On The Go 拍拍走 Host
2002 TVBS-G La Mode News N/A Host
2003 Channel V Taiwan PK Hip Hop 嗆嘻哈 Host
2003 Jing Wu Men 精舞門 Host
2004 Will Show Will秀 Host
2004 Top Dog 誰來挑戰 Host
2004 Hit On 勁爆點 Host
2015 Shenzhen TV Charming Daddy 閃亮的爸爸 Appearance
2016 Zhejiang TV Go to School China 我去上學啦 Season 2, appearance
2017 iQiyi The Rap of China 中国有嘻哈 Judge and celebrity producer
2017 Jiangsu TV We Are In Love 我們相愛吧 第三季 Season 3, appearance
2017 Come On Brothers 來吧,兄弟 Appearance
2018 iQiyi The Rap of China 中國新說唱 Judge and celebrity producer
2018 Zhejiang Television Best of Us 最優的我們
2018 ETtoday, TTV, CTi Variety Jungle Voice 聲林之王 Episode 4 & 5

Published works[edit]

English title Original title Author Date Published Publisher
Wilber - Idol Loving Book 潘瑋柏寫真應援書 Will Pan 2 October 2003 Sharp Point Publishing Group
Never Teach Me Grammar 就是不想學文法-潘帥情境式英文不囉嗦 Will Pan 18 June 2004 SBooker Publications
Will& Jason's HIP HOP 潘瑋柏& Jason's HIP HOP Will Pan, Jason Tang 5 October 2004 Bo Shi Ke Yi (柏室科藝)
2005 Cool Play Concert Pictorial Book 2005 Cool Play雙帥最激演唱寫真筆記書 Will Pan 3 February 2005 SBooker Publications
Miss No Good Documentary Book 不良笑花求愛全紀錄 Comic Field Productions 17 September 2008 Kadokawa Media (Taiwan)
Endless Love Photo Book 愛∞無限 美麗映象 SBooker Editorial 26 November 2010 SBooker Publications

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref
2000 NMG/BMG Los Angeles Singing Competition Best Image Award N/A Won
2003 Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia Most Popular New Artist (Silver) N/A Won
Most Potential Newcomer (Silver) N/A Won
G-Music Chart Awards Best Male Artist (sales records) N/A Won [79]
Phoenix TV Awards Top 10 Albums of the Year N/A Won
2004 Hito Music Awards Most Popular New Male Artist (popular vote) N/A Won [80]
2005 Hong Kong TVB8 Awards Top 10 Gold Songs "誰是 MVP" (Who's MVP) from The Expert Nominated [81]
"不得不愛" (Cannot Not Love) with Zhang Xianzi from The Expert Nominated
2007 Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Best Mandarin Singer N/A Won [82]
Outstanding Performance (popular vote) N/A Won
Hong Kong TVB8 Awards Top 10 Gold Songs Gold Award "玩酷" (Play It Cool) from Play It Cool Won [83]
Top 10 Gold Songs Won
Most Popular Male Artist (China) N/A Won
2008 Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards Most Popular Idol N/A Won [84]
Asia's Best Idol N/A Won
Best Asia Singer N/A Won
2009 Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards Songs of the Year "Be With You" feat Akon from 007 Won [85]
Best Original Song "雙人舞" (Pas de Deux) from 007 Won
Best Asia Singer-Dancer N/A Won
2011 15th Global Mandarin Chart Music Award
Most Popular Male Singer Award (Hong Kong/Taiwan) N/A Won [86]
Best Style on Stage N/A Won
Singapore Hit Awards 2011 Most Popular Male Artiste Award N/A Nominated [87]
46th Golden Bell Awards Best Actor Endless Love Won [88]
2012 MY Astro Music Awards
第三屆 MY Astro至尊流行榜頒獎典禮
Best International Male Singer N/A Won [89]
Best Stage Performer N/A Won
MY Astro choice for Best International Singer N/A Won
Top 25 Golden Melodies "我們都怕痛" (We Are All Afraid of Pain) from 808 Won
Hito Music Awards HITO Best Stage Performer N/A Won [90]
HITO Best Performing Album
(HITO 冠軍王)
808 Won
HITO Top 10 Songs "U U U" from 808 Won
5th Mengniu Annual Billboard Music Festival Singer's Role Model of the Year
N/A Won [91]
20th Chinese Music Chart Awards All Round Artist of the Year (Hong Kong/Taiwan) N/A Won [92]
Most Popular Male Singer of the Year (Hong Kong/Taiwan) N/A Won
Golden Melodies of the Year "24個比利" (The Story of Billy) from The Story of Billy Won
2013 3rd Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards
Most Popular Male Singer of the Year N/A Won [93]
Best Stage Performer of the Year N/A Won
Top 20 Golden Melodies of the Year "不想醒來" (Don't Wanna Wake Up) from The Story of Billy Won
MY Astro Music Awards MY Astro choice for Best International Singer N/A Won [94]
Best Stage Performer N/A Won
Top 25 Golden Melodies "不想醒來" (Don't Wanna Wake Up) from The Story of Billy Won
17th Global Mandarin Chart Music Award Best All Round Male Singer N/A Won [95]
Best Stage Performer N/A Won [96]
Music Radio China Top Chart Awards
Most Popular Male Singer of the Year (Hong Kong/Taiwan) N/A Won [97]
Best Record Producer of the Year (Hong Kong/Taiwan) N/A Won
Golden Melodies of the Year "24個比利" (The Story of Billy) from The Story of Billy Won
Hito Music Awards Best Male Dance Artist N/A Won [98]
Media Award (Male Singer) (全球傳媒推崇男歌手) N/A Won
Top 10 Mandarin Songs of The Year "24個比利" (The Story of Billy) from The Story of Billy Won
6th CSC Music Awards Best Male Singer of The Year N/A Won [99]
CSC Choice for Albums of The Year The Story of Billy Won
Top 20 Golden Melodies of the Year "24個比利" (The Story of Billy) from The Story of Billy Won
Global Chinese Music Awards 2013 Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Taiwan) N/A Won [100]
Top 20 Hits of the Year "不想醒來" (Don't Wanna Wake Up) from The Story of Billy Won
Top 5 Most Popular Male Artiste Award N/A Won
Best Stage Performing Artiste Award N/A Won
Singapore Hit Awards 2013 Most Popular Male Artiste N/A Nominated [101]
Versatile Male Artiste N/A Won [102]
Charismatic Male Performer N/A Won
Favourite Music Video "24個比利" (The Story of Billy) from The Story of Billy Won
7th Migu Music Award Most Popular Male Singer (Hong Kong/Taiwan) N/A Won [103]
Top 10 best-selling single downloads "24個比利" (The Story of Billy) from The Story of Billy Won
2014 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Taiwanese Act N/A Nominated [104]
2015 Hito Music Awards Most Popular Male Singer N/A Won [105]
HITO Best Duet "打呼" ("Snore" feat.Rainie Yang) from Crown & Clown Won
Top 10 Mandarin Songs of the Year Won
Star Personality Artiste Award (絕對星態度藝人) N/A Won
2018 Hito Music Awards Top 10 Mandarin Songs of the Year "Coming Home" from illi Won [106][107]
Migu Popularity Award N/A Won
Hito Stage Performer N/A Won
Hito Star All-Round Artist N/A Won


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