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Will Santillo (July, 1953, White Plains, New York) is an American/Canadian photographer, known for his work in the realm of erotic fine art photography. The documentary yet erotic nature of his work has garnered the attention of many periodicals, photography collectors and major publishers such as Taschen and Mammoth Press. Will Santillo travels internationally for commissioned assignments, with regular visits to New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, Venice, Barcelona and other major cities in Europe


Will Santillo graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Art and Design from the MIT School of Architecture in 1975. While at M.I.T., he was instructed by the renowned photographer Minor White, one of the founders of the famed Aperture. In 1976 Santillo moved to Toronto, Canada to continue his architectural studies at the University of Toronto, obtaining a professional degree in 1979. He is an American citizen holding dual citizenship with Canada, and frequently travels to New York, Los Angeles and other major North American cities for both commissioned and creative work. Before focusing on his current photography projects, Santillo worked in several creative fields, including fashion and architectural photography, architectural design, general contracting, cabinet making and computer programming. He lives with his second wife and son in Toronto, where he continues to explore and innovate within the art of photography.


Santillo Photography main web site is https://www.santillophotography.com - Santillo's work in recent years has been focused on his tri-tinted "black and white" colour process and the completion of a three part series titled Risque. This series includes the following bodies of work:

La Petite Mort[edit]

First published 2011 with ongoing exhibitions.

"The title means "the little death," a euphemism for orgasm ... Santillo conceived the project eight years ago to include a thorough cross section of women: young to old, slim to thick, perfect beauties to those not considered beautiful until seen through his lens. The one constant would be that each would decide and direct how she masturbated to climax while he captured the moment. From previous projects with amateur subjects Santillo had come to believe that masturbation is a far more personal act than most sex play because it is conducted almost exclusively in private. He set out to reveal the diversity and creativity with which women approach self-stimulation, and to portray the beauty of ordinary women in the throes of orgasm ... Santillo says he seeks to uncover the hidden face of his subjects ... " Dian Hanson Editor with Taschen[1]

Flagrante Delicto[edit]

First published 2008 with ongoing exhibitions.

Santillo's photographs capture sexual expression, ranging from staged pieces and impromptu intercourse in all its variations, from couples to threesomes, heterosexual and homosexual coitus. His series Flagrante Delicto reveals the specific brand of chemistry shared between individuals engaged in an emotionally connected erotic exchange.


eBook Published in 2014 - work on expanded series on-going.

The images within the Threshold series are focused on illuminating many dimensions of fetish, kink and fantasy. To expand the viewers awareness of these dimensions Santillo seeks to capture a broad palette of body types, ages, ethnic backgrounds as well as fetish and kink oriented scenarios. Santillo seeks to expand beyond the limits of heterosexual erotic sensibilities by photographing all ranges of erotic orientation.


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Magazine Publications[edit]


  • 2010 Risque, PJS Exhibitions, New York
  • 1987 Quickening, Ideé Gallery, Toronto


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