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Will Wallace
Born United States
Occupation Film director, actor

Will Wallace is an American film director and actor. He directed Spanish Fly and Cake: A Wedding Story.[1]

Early life[edit]

Wallace graduated from Kent School in 1984.[2]


As an actor, Will Wallace received his first role playing a flight attendant opposite of Shirley MacLaine in The Evening Star[3] in 1996. He had a number of guest starring in television hits, such as, Beverly Hills, 90210[4] in 1998 where he played Barry. The following year he was cast in Baywatch[5] in 1999 where he played Sam. That same year he was cast as Lieutenant Chadway in Pensacola: Wings of Gold.[6]

In 1998, Will booked the role of Private Hoke in Terrance Malick’s film, The Thin Red Line (1998 film).[7] In 2001, Will played Bill Carpenter, husband to Laura Dern’s character Randy in the heartfelt movie I Am Sam.[8] 

In 2013, Will Wallace produced and directed a unique love story which was an adaptation from the French novella François le Champi by George Sand.[9] It is set in a small town in Texas. In the film, a young boy is taken in by a foster family and grows up to fall in love with his foster mother. The film has a number of critically acclaimed actors from Luke Perry, Frances Fisher, Bill Paxton, and a young Glen Powell. It was released by Warner Brothers and is currently available On Demand.[10]


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