Willard, California

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Willard is a former populated place in Riverside County, California. It was located at the west corner of Lake Elsinore.[1] It had its own post office located in the former Laguna Butterfield Stage Station, on at 32912 Macy Avenue, from November 18, 1898, until September 30, 1902, when it was absorbed by the Elsinore post office.[2] Willard was later incorporated into the City of Lake Elsinore. The old post office was torn down in 1964. Today three palm trees still grow in front of the site along Macy Avenue in front of the property.[3]

The Willard Fault, part of the Elsinore Fault Zone is named for this former town.


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Coordinates: 33°39′41″N 117°22′44″W / 33.66139°N 117.37889°W / 33.66139; -117.37889