Willard Van der Veer

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Willard Van der Veer
Born (1894-08-23)August 23, 1894
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Died June 16, 1963(1963-06-16) (aged 68)
Encino, California, USA
Occupation Cinematographer
Years active 1930-1963

Willard Van der Veer (August 23, 1894 – June 16, 1963) was an American cinematographer who won an Academy Award at the 3rd Academy Awards for Best Cinematography for the film With Byrd at the South Pole[1][2] with Joseph T. Rucker. He started his career as a documentary cameraman and later did a couple episodes of Maverick and the film The Crawling Hand. Mount Van der Veer was named after him. He is the father of Frank Van der Veer, a Hollywood visual effects artist who founded Van Der Veer Photo Effects and won, in 1977, a Special Achievement Academy Award for the 1976 version of King Kong (this Oscar was shared with Carlo Rambaldi and Glen Robinson[3]).

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