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Willem Baudaert or Baudartius (Deinze, Flanders, 13 February 1565 - Zutphen, 15 December 1640), born Willem Baudart, was a Dutch theologian. Baudartius College, a Christian secondary school in Zutphen, is named after him.


Born to Protestant parents in Flanders and a fervent counter-remonstrant, Baudartius left the Netherlands on the Duke of Alva's arrival, and landed in England at Sandwich. He studied at Canterbury as well as on the continent at Ghent, Leiden, Franeker, and Heidelberg. He served as a preacher at Kampen (1593), Lisse (1596), and Zutphen.

Highly knowledgeable in Hebrew, he was asked to take part in the Statenvertaling translation of the Bible.


Baudartius compiled a collection of Christian adages under the title Apophthegmata Christiana, ofte gedenckweerdige, leerzame en aerdige spreucken (1605, 1620), and wrote a pamphlet opposing the Twelve Years' Truce under the title Morghen-Wecker der vrye Nederlantsche provintien (1610).

He also produced a series of illustrations of major events during the first phase of the Eighty Years' War, De Nassausche oorloghen (Amsterdam, 1615).

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