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William Andleby (Anlaby) (executed at York, 4 July 1597) was an English Roman Catholic priest. He is a Catholic martyr, beatified in 1929.

He was born in Etton, Yorkshire into a gentry family. At 25 he went to the Netherlands to take part in the Dutch war. He visited Douay College and met William Allen; a discussion led to his conversion, and eventually Andleby became a Catholic priest.

He is known to have taken his ministry to Mr. Tyrwhitt's, in Lincolnshire, and also to the Catholic prisoners in Kingston upon Hull's blockhouse.

"For the first four years of his mission he travelled always on foot, meanly attired, and carrying with him usually in a bag his vestments and other things for saying Mass; for his labours lay chiefly among the poor, who were not shocked with such things" (Challoner).

After about 20 years, he was condemned as a Catholic priest. He was executed with three laymen, John Abbot, Thomas Warcop, and Edward Fulthrop.