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William Basset (c.1134–c.1185) was an Anglo-Norman administrator and justice.

Basset was born in Colston, Nottinghamshire, the son of Richard Basset,[1] a royal justice and his wife Matilda Ridel.[1] He settled in Sapcote, Leicestershire.[1] In 1160 he was appointed Sheriff of Warwickshire and Leicestershire and served in that capacity, some years alone and some years jointly, until 1168. At that time, after being accused of financial irregularities, he was relieved of his post and replaced by Bertram de Verdun. In 1172 he joined Bertram as one of the Justices in Eyre (travelling circuit judge) in Yorkshire. In 1177 he was appointed Sheriff of Lincolnshire until 1183.

Basset married Elizabeth, daughter of Roger de Colville and had a son and heir Simon.