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This article is about the medical system in Michigan. For the U.S. Army medical center, see William Beaumont Army Medical Center. For the public hospital in Ireland, see Beaumont Hospital, Dublin.
William Beaumont Hospital
Logo for WBHS
Logo for William Beaumont Health System
Location Royal Oak, Troy and Grosse Pointe, Metro Detroit, Michigan, US
Funding Non-profit hospital
Hospital type Teaching
Network Beaumont Health System
Emergency department Level I Trauma Center[1]
Helipad 32MI, Royal Oak,[2][3] KVLL, Troy [4] and KDET, Grosse Pointe [5]
Beds (1,070 in Royal Oak campus), (418 in Troy campus), (250 in Grosse Pointe campus)
Founded 1955
Website http://www.beaumont.edu/

Beaumont Health System is a regional health care system in Metro Detroit. It currently operates 1,728 beds at three locations. The Royal Oak campus with 1,070 beds is the 20th largest hospital in the US.[6]


Groundbreaking began in 1953 for "Oakland Hospital". But because of a delivery mix-up and to further distinguish itself from nearby Oakwood Hospital it was decided to change the name of the new hospital. The new name was William Beaumont Hospital (WBH), the doors were officially open on January 24, 1955 with 238-beds in Royal Oak, Michigan in 1955.[7] The hospitals, the overall health system and the school of medicine are all named for William Beaumont, a US Army surgeon who became known as the "Father of Gastric Physiology" following his research on human digestion started at Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island, Michigan.[7][8][9][10]


Beaumont is a regional healthcare provider that includes three hospitals in Metro Detroit all north or northeast of the City of Detroit, 1 in Oakland County (Royal Oak), 1 that is in both Oakland and Macomb County (Troy/Sterling Heights) and 1 in Wayne County (Grosse Pointe). Beaumont has various medical centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and hundreds of affiliated doctors' offices located throughout the area.

In March 2014, the Beaumont Health system, along with Botsford Health Care and Oakwood Healthcare, signed a letter of intent to merge their operations.[11]

Royal Oak[edit]

The largest Beaumont Hospital is located at 3601 W Thirteen Mile Road in Royal Oak, Michigan near Woodward Avenue and houses 1,070 inpatient beds. The facility also includes cancer, renal, vascular, heart, radiology and neuroscience centers as well as a research institute and a medical building with private practices and other Beaumont services. This location has a dedicated heliport.[12][13]


The 458-bed campus of the Beaumont Hospital, Troy is located at 44201 Dequindre Road in Troy, Michigan south of South Blvd./20 Mile Road. This hospital location offers inpatient and outpatient services as well as private practices. This location has a pedestrian bridge to a medical office building across Dequindre Road. This puts this campus in two cities and two counties, the City of Troy, Michigan and the City of Sterling Heights, Michigan, as well as Oakland and Macomb Counties.[14]

Grosse Pointe[edit]

Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe, is a 250-bed hospital located at 468 Cadieux Rd, Grosse Pointe, Michigan 48230.[15] On October 1, 2007 it was acquired by Beaumont Hospitals from Bon Secours Health System Inc.[16]

In addition to this, the Beaumont system also has 6 medical centers,[17] 4 nursing facilities,[18] and many additional services at 5 other locations.[17][where?]

Beaumont One[edit]

In 2012 Beaumont Health System has contracted with PHI Air Medical to provide dedicated medical flight service co-based at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak and at the Oakland/Troy Airport. Currently one helicopter is in service, an American Eurocopter EC135. It will serve the Royal Oak, Troy and Grosse Pointe Beaumont Hospital locations, as well as providing inter-hospital transportation in a 350-mile radius. Since the Grosse Pointe location does not have a helipad, the helicopter will land at Detroit City Airport with short ground transport to the hospital. As Beaumont operates the only Level I Trauma Center[1] in Oakland and Macomb counties this allows a quicker emergency transport for serious trauma victims in a large geographic region of approximately 2 million people.[19][20][21][22]

Teaching hospital[edit]

Beaumont serves as a teaching hospital for University of Michigan Medical School, Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Wayne State University School of Medicine,[23] Wayne State University School of Nursing,[24] Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine[25] and Michigan State University School of Nursing.

The hospital also offers residency and fellowship programs for physicians,[26] and research opportunities through the Research Institute.[27]

In addition to this, Clinical Pastoral Education is offered through Beaumont's CPE department.[28]

In 2010, Oakland University and William Beaumont Hospital received ACGME-accreditation to open an allopathic medical school to be called Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine (OUWB). The first class of OUWB started in 2011 and graduated in 2015. The school currently accepts 125 students per year.

Statistics and rankings[edit]

Royal Oak Troy Grosse Pointe
National Rankings 7 0 0
Regional Rankings 5 12 5
Total Specialty Rankings 13 12 5
Licensed Beds 1,070 418 250
Admissions 57,024 29,996 10,974
Surgeries 52,403 21,269 7,065
Emergency Center Visits 120,132 79,788 35,178
Births 4,946 3,343 568
Outpatient Visits 1,237,016 774,587 232,365

WBHS has over 3,100 (affiliated/staff) doctors representing 91 (medical/surgical) specialties and more than 14,000 full-time equivalent employees system wide. Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak is the third largest Medicare hospital in the US and one of the largest hospital in the country overall. Royal Oak is nationally ranked in seven specialties (Cardiology & Heart Surgery, #40; Diabetes & Endocrinology, #44; Gastroenterology & GI Surgery, #48; Geriatrics, #45; Orthopedics, #26; Pulmonology, #44; Urology, #48) plus an additional 5 regional high-performing rankings. All three hospital locations have a total of 30 national or regional rankings. These 2012 rankings are provided by U.S. News & World Report.[29] Statistics for 2012 are provided by WBHS.[30][31][32]

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