William Bona Anima

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William Bona Anima
Archbishop of Rouen
Installed 1079
Term ended 1110
Predecessor John of Avranches
Successor Geoffrey Brito
Other posts abbot of Saint-Etienne, Caen
Personal details
Died 1110
Denomination Catholic

William Bona Anima or Bonne-Âme (died 1110) was a medieval archbishop of Rouen. He served from 1079 to 1110.

William was the son of Radbod, the bishop of Sées and was a canon at Rouen as well as an archdeacon in that diocese. He then entered a monastery and became abbot of the monastery of Saint-Etienne in Caen from 1070 to 1079. He then was named archbishop of Rouen, where he served from 1079 to 1110.[1]


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