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Willem Boreel (2 March 1591, Middelburg – 29 September 1668, Paris) was a Dutch diplomat.


He was the son of Jacob Boreel (1552-1636), burgomaster of Bergen-op-Zoom.[1] Adam Boreel and the jurist Abraham Boreel were brothers; Johan Boreel was a half-brother.[2] He was knighted by James I of England in 1618.[3] As a lawyer, Boreel worked for the Dutch East India Company,[4] and was part of a mission to resolve the Dutch and British commercial rivalry in the East Indies by a treaty.[5]

Boreel became Baron of Vreendijk and Vreenhove. From 1627 to 1649 he was Pensionary of Amsterdam.[6] During that period he travelled to England, with Johan van Reede van Renswouden, in an attempt to mediate in the First English Civil War.[7] Then from 1650 for the rest of his life he served as Ambassador from the Dutch Republic to France.[6]

In 1655 Boreel intervened almost decisively in the controversy over the invention of the telescope. He gave credit to Zacharias Janssen, over others who were more celebrated.[3] This conclusion was adopted by Pierre Borel in his 1656 book on the subject.[8]


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