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William Boultbee Sleath (c. 1763 - 21 October 1843) was an English teacher and clergyman who was headmaster of Repton School from 1800 to 1830.[1]

Sleath was born in Broughton, Leicestershire around 1763, and attended Rugby School. On leaving school in December 1778, he was immediately appointed assistant master at the same school.[2] Sleath was later educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, obtaining a B.D. in 1797.[3] He continued as a master at Rugby until he was elected headmaster of Repton School in 1800. In 1802 he obtained a D.D. degree.[1] During his 30-year period as head of Repton school, he both raised its standards and significantly increased the number of students.[4]

He was known as an excellent teacher, and as an erudite scholar, distinguished for his researches in Anglo-Saxon England.[1] It was said of him that "Dr. Sleath's conversation was always entertaining and instructive and he did not at any period of his life possess the virtue of taciturnity".[2] After his retirement in 1830 he was given the vicarage of Willington and the mastership of Etwall Hospital, an almshouse. He died on 21 October 1843 aged 80.[1]


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