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William Boyle (4 April 1853 – 6 March 1923) was an Irish dramatist and short story writer.

He was born in County Louth, Ireland. He wrote five comedies for the Abbey Theatre: The Building Fund, produced in 1905, The Eloquent Dempsey and The Mineral Workers, both produced in 1906, Family Failing, produced in 1912 and Nic, produced in 1916. The first three were very successful, and were revived many times in the Abbey Theatre.[1]

In 1907, at the time of the Playboy Riots, Boyle withdrew his plays from the Abbey, but was encouraged to return by W. B. Yeats and Lady Gregory.[1]

He died in Dulwich, England.

Select works[edit]

  • The Building Fund, 1905
  • The Eloquent Dempsey, 1906
  • The Mineral Workers, 1906
  • Family Failing, 1912
  • Nic, 1916.


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