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William C. Tauber better known as Bill Tauber, in addition to being a nationally recognized expert on energy reduction and solar power, is a national recognized expert on initial startups, product and concept development and energy management systems award winner.

Orange County Register called Mr. Tauber a “Serial Entrepreneur because he always looks for the newest and fastest growing markets in the U.S.” and was also a finalist for the 2008 and 2009 Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

In 2009, Tauber hosted The Green Energy Show with Bill Tauber weekly radio talk show on KRLA-870AM Los Angeles.[1] Mr. Tauber founded Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions in 2004 and is now California’s Leading Energy Solution company. H[2] In 2008 the company has made over 200 California corporations energy efficient. Mr. Tauber planned and led the strategic direction of the company, drawing upon his expertise with lighting reduction projects and photovoltaic (solar) lighting. He has also been involved in the energy conservation industry since 1999.

“Ask the Green Energy Coach – Bill Tauber” was a weekly Green Question & Answer newspaper column where readers send in their questions to have answered about Green products, energy efficiency and ways to save money while making a contribution to the environment and was syndicated by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

After selling Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions, Bill Tauber Co-Founded and was a Partner in Leads National Corp. (LNC), a B2B company that uses state-of-the-art technology to generate Real Time, high quality prospects, directly to a phone or CRM system for Small business financial lending.

Bill Tauber is also a member of the Freemasonry Fraternal Society. Being a U.S. Marine Corps veteran he was on the Military Committee of the U.S. Marine CorpsScholarship Foundation with his seventh and final year with the Foundation as CHAIRMAN of the Military Committee West Coast. He feels his greatest accomplishment was his eight (8)years in the Marine Corps and his achievements supporting the children of fallen Marines and Navy Corps children with the Scholarship Foundation.

Early career[edit]

After attending NIU he entered the hotel and travel industry which ultimately lead to purchasing and operating his own hotel in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. In the 1980s, cable television was on the immediate horizon. With roles in Executive Marketing he moved on to become President of the Silent Network for the deaf and hearing impaired.[3][4] It had 12.5 million National subscribers when it was sold to the Discovery Channel. In the 1990s he owned TSN Marketing, an International Marketing Company.[3]

Career in energy conservation[edit]

In 1999 Tauber once again looked about the California marketplace and entered the Energy Conservation industry. He began working with the founder of a revolutionary[peacock term] type of step down transformer that reduced energy consumption for large High Intensity Discharge lamps used by major corporations and cities with their HID lights. But he knew that corporate America was turning to Solar Photovoltaic.

While sitting in traffic on I-405 one day in 2004, Bill Tauber decided he had had enough. Not of traffic but with the reluctance of corporations to accept Solar. He was working in Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy, and while he loved the energy-saving and environmental-friendly elements of solar, getting corporate America to accept it was far too difficult because of the enormous expense and the seven- to ten-year payback period. While Photovoltaic had its obvious benefits, it also had its limitations.

"Then it hit me," Tauber says. "PV (Photovoltaic solar energy) is only good for 4-6 hours a day and at night it has no value."[5] Lighting, on the other hand, was used 24 hours a day. It has expanded opportunities - motion sensors, dimming ballasts, Energy Management Systems (EMS), and Daylight harvesting – all available as ancillary options to standard energy efficient upgraded lighting that yielded even greater energy savings. It was at that very moment that Tauber decided to start his own energy efficient lighting retrofit business. He knew that most of corporate America was using "19th Century" lighting but paying 21st Century electric bills while polluting the California environment.

Today, Tauber’s business, Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions, Inc. (PLS) in Tustin, California, with 30 current employees, has not only increased its first year’s annual revenue of $800,000 in lighting retrofit projects in 2004 to over $6 million in 2008, it has also helped nearly 400 companies, large and small, in California save millions of dollars in energy costs while reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) in the air by a staggering 12,100 tons in 2008. Mr. Tauber estimates an additional 14,500 tons of CO2 reduction for 2009. All this while reducing energy lighting consumption in companies by an average of 50% to 60% or more. PLS even provided over $2.8 million in certified Federal Tax Deductions in 2008 for corporations who became energy efficient, as well.[6] In 2009 PLS is expected to double its revenue again to $10 million.

The Green Energy Show[edit]

In 2009, Tauber briefly hosted a radio talk show broadcast on KRLA-AM (870)Los Angeles, CA a major radio station for the markets of Los Angeles and the surrounding counties.[7]

Ecology Communications[edit]

Ecology Communications is a non profit organization that was founded by Bill Tauber in 2009 for the everyday family that wants to make an environmental change and save money but can’t radically change their lifestyle. The organization works through a combination of Radio Broadcasts, National Public Service Announcements, Community Outreach Programs, Speakers Programs and On-Line Resources to inform and give people a place to learn about going green while without the hassle of looking elsewhere.[8]


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