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William Cadman (Rotherhithe 4 April 1883 - Da Lat, 7 December 1948) was an English missionary in Vietnam with his wife Grace. He was a translator of the Bible into Vietnamese.[1][2] The main Protestant version in use in Vietnam today is the "Cadman version."[3]

Cadman was a printer by profession who after conversion to Christianity left England for theological school in Canada then America. He enrolled to be a missionary in China but from there visited Vietnam where he met a South African nurse Grace Hazenberg. They married in 1915, and had one daughter who died in Hanoi. The couple ran a printing shop in Hanoi from 1917 until 1942 when they were interned by the Japanese at Mỹ Tho. They were the only couple to remain after the war. Grace Cadman died On 24 April 1946 at the age of 69 and was buried at Mạc Đĩnh Chi Cemetery, Saigon. Cadman died in Dalat, on Sunday, 7 December, and was buried there. The grave has recently been restored by the local Protestant church.


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Photo of the Cadmans