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For the footballer known as William A. Camidge, see Walter Camidge.

William Camidge F.R.H.S. (fl. 1910) was a British author who wrote histories of Methodism in York and a biography of the painter William Etty. He was a Royal Historical Society, and a Primitive Methodist associated with Elmfield College.


Among his publications are the following:

  • 1893: The Life of Richard Naylor ... the last of the York Corporation Bellmen.
  • 1908: Old local customs
  • 1893: Ye old streete of Pavemente, York, etc.
  • 1899: The Poet-Painter of York, William Etty, R. A. [With a portrait]
  • 1896: York and its dukedom
  • 1886: York Savings Bank. Its history, formation, and growth.
  • Bedern and its chapel.
  • Trades and tradesmen of the city of York.
  • William Etty: the poet-painter
  • A memorial of the late Mr John Webster.
  • Bygone Yorkshire / edited by William Andrews.
  • Centenary Chapel.
  • Clifford's Tower, York: its history, age and use.
  • Copmanthorpe: introduction of Methodism into the village.
  • History of the Methodist New Connexion in York.
  • In memoriam: Mr John Francis Taylor.
  • In memoriam: Rev. Joshua Haigh; a tribute from his old friend Wm Camidge.
  • In memoriam: Robert Woodruffe Holmes; a tribute of respect by.
  • In memoriam: to the memory of Mr Johnson Frank, late of George Street, York.
  • In memorian: Mr Henry Crossfield; a tribute from his old friend Mr Wm Camidge.
  • In memorian: Mr Joseph Bass.
  • In memorian: sketch of Mr Robert Robson Letby, given at the memorial service in Melbourne Terrace chapel ... Dec. 22nd, 1897; by.
  • Jonathan Martin, the incendiary: his life, wanderings, and peculiar ideas. With some particulars of the fire at York Minster in February, 1829.
  • Jonathan Martin, the incendiary.
  • Lady Huntingdon's chapel, College Street, York.
  • Methodism in Bishopthorpe : introduction and development /.
  • Methodism in Fulford /.
  • Methodism in Huntington.
  • Methodism in Nun Monkton: its introduction and development.
  • Methodism in York.
  • Mother Shipton, the Yorkshire sybil: her life, character and reputed sayings.
  • Old local customs: a review of the habits and doings of State, Church, Law and Festivals.
  • Ouse Bridge to Naburn Lock / by.
  • Peter Prison and the old bridges of the Ouse in the city of York / by Wm Camidge.
  • Primitive Methodism: its introduction and development in the city of York.
  • Ramparts, bars, and walls of York.
  • Richard Naylor, otherwise Dicky Naylor, the last of the York Corporation bellmen.
  • Rufforth in the Ainsty of the city of York: its ancient & modern history.
  • Rufforth, in the ainsty of the city of York: its ancient & modern history.
  • The Bedern or Bederne and its chapel: the home of the Vicars Choral of York Minster.
  • The ghosts of York.
  • The Guild Hall at York, with particulars of its stained glass windows.
  • The guilds of York: the inception, growth, purpose & influence of the two surviving guilds, Merchant Adventurers and Merchant Taylors.
  • The Life and character of Harry Rowe, trumpet major and high-sheriff's trumpeter for the county of York. On Harry Rowe.
  • The life and labours of Mr Thomas Gent, historian and printer.
  • The life and peculiarities of Lumley Kettlewell, the York recluse.
  • The life of Richard Naylor, otherwise Dickey Naylor, the last of the York Corporation bellmen / by Wm Camidge.
  • The life, times and crime of Guye Fawkes, the conspirator.
  • The Mansion House at York, with particulars of its pictures and silver.
  • The poet-painter of York: William Etty.
  • Wesley Chapel, Priory Street / by W. Camidge.
  • Wesleyan Methodist Conference, York, 1908; July 15–29. (165th yearly conference, held at Centenary Chapel, York.) Official programme... Compiled... by H.E. Harrowell. (- Methodism in York, by Wm Camidge.).
  • William Etty, R.A., the poet-painter.
  • Ye old streete of pavemente (York) / by W. Camidge.
  • York : its ramparts, bars, and walls / by Wm Camidge.
  • York and its dukedom.
  • York Castle: criminal and other records; [comp. by?].
  • York Ragged School: its inception and development.
  • York Savings' Bank : Its history, formation, and growth / by, Secretary, York Savings' Bank.
  • York Wesleyan Methodist Juvenile Missionary Society: history of its birth and growth.
  • York, sixty years ago: a retrospect.
  • York: as a war centre.
  • York: Its Ramparts, Bars and Walls /, F.R.H.S.
  • York: Parliamentary, Old time elections.

His papers are at York City Archives.[1]


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