William Carlos Williams Center for the Performing Arts

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William Carlos Williams Center for the Performing Arts
Williams Center Cinemas, Willy
Former names Rivoli Theatre
Location 1 Williams Plaza, Rutherford, New Jersey 07070
Owner Non Profit
Type Theater [(Performing Arts)]

Cinema 1: 190 Cinema 2: 90

Cinema 3:60
Built 1920s
Renovated 1982, 2006,2008

The William Carlos Williams Center is a private, not for profit performing arts and cinema complex located in downtown Rutherford, New Jersey. The center was named after the Pulitzer prize winning poet and physician William Carlos Williams. The building that the center occupies was originally built in the 1920s as a Vaudeville theater known as the Rivoli. The Rivoli soon started showing silent movies and eventually "talkies". The theater enjoyed success until a fire destroyed part of the building in 1977. In 1978 a group of philanthropists started the Williams Center Project which open the Center in 1982. The center currently has two live theaters, three cinemas, and an open air meeting gallery.[1] The Bergen County Film Commission is now located in the Williams Center.[2]

Current Use[edit]

The movie theatre has three screens all located in the lower level of the building. The upper stage theatre is closed due to construction. The space that was used as a theatre prior to construction is now a performance hall that can be rented. Once a month the Rutherford Library uses the upstairs area as an open mic for poetry reading.

Type of Film[edit]

The theatre has three 35 millimeter film projectors.


Coordinates: 40°49′38″N 74°06′11″W / 40.8271°N 74.1030°W / 40.8271; -74.1030