William Chillenden

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William Chillenden
Archbishop-elect of Canterbury
Province Canterbury
Diocese Canterbury
Elected 9 September 1270
Quashed summer 1272
Predecessor Boniface of Savoy
Successor Robert Kilwardby
Other posts Prior of Christ Church, Canterbury
Consecration (never consecrated)
Personal details
Died 13 September 1274

William Chillenden, (died 1274) also known as Adam of Chillenden, was a monk at Christ Church Priory, Canterbury, and treasurer of that priory when he was elected Prior of Christ Church in 1263 (or 1264).[1]

Chillenden was elected to be Archbishop of Canterbury in England on 9 September 1270. King Edward I, however, had wanted his Chancellor Robert Burnell elected.[2] Chillenden's election was set aside by the pope in the summer of 1272 and he never received his pallium.[3]

Chillenden died on 13 September 1274.[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Roger de St Elphege
Prior of Christ Church, Canterbury
Succeeded by
Thomas Ringmere
Preceded by
Boniface of Savoy
Archbishop-elect of Canterbury
Succeeded by
Robert Kilwardby