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William John Conybeare (1 August 1815 – 1857) was an English vicar, essayist and novelist.

He was the son of Dean WD Conybeare, and was educated at Westminster and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was elected fellow in 1837.[1]

From 1842 to 1848 he was principal of the Liverpool Collegiate Institution (later Liverpool College), which he left for the vicarage of Axminster.

He published Essays, Ecclesiastical and Social, in 1856, and a novel, Perversion, or the Causes and Consequences of Infidelity, but is best known as the joint author (with JS Howson) of The Life and Epistles of St Paul (1851).

He died at Weybridge in 1857, and is buried in Brompton Cemetery, London.[2]


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