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For other people named William Berry, see William Berry (disambiguation).

William D. Berry or Bill Berry (May 20, 1926 – 1979) was an influential Alaskan artist known for his wildlife sketches, cartoons, and paintings.

Life and work[edit]

He was born May 20, 1926 in San Mateo, California. He met and married Liz, and they had two sons, Mark (b. 1959) and Paul (b. 1962). The family moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1965.

One of his last works was a mural for the children's room in the Noel Wien Public Library in Fairbanks. He was shot and killed before he was able to complete the mural. His mural, "An Alaskan Fairytale", was completed by illustrator and Caldecott Medal winner Trina Schart Hyman.


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