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William D. Reynolds (1867–1951) was an American Southern Presbyterian (PCUS) missionary and Bible translator in Korea.

William David Reynolds (modern Korean spelling 레놀즈, old Korean name 李訥瑞, 이눌서) was born 12 November 1867. He completed the first translation of the Old Testament into Korean in 1910.

He worked with Horace G. Underwood and James Scarth Gale among the American Northern Presbyterian Mission, and Henry G. Appenzeller and William B. Scranton among the American Methodist Episcopal Mission, and with Lee Seung Doo (이승두) and Kim Jeong Sam (김정삼) as Korean translation assistants.

From 1917-1937 he was professor in Systematic Theology and Biblical Languages at Pyongyang Presbyterian Theological Seminary.[1]


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