William Davies (political writer)

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William Davies

EducationUniversity of London
Main interests
Capitalism, Neoliberalism, Happiness, Expertise, Consumerism
Notable ideas
"Anti-Philosophical Agnosticism", "The Happiness Industry", "Demedicalization of Psychiatry"

William Davies is an English writer, political and sociological theorist. His work focuses on the issues of consumerism, happiness, and the history and function of expertise on society. Davies has written for a variety of newspapers and periodicals including The Guardian, New Left Review, London Review of Books, and The Atlantic. In 2015 Davies published his second book The Happiness Industry, which assesses the relationship between consumer capitalism, big data and positive psychology. Davies is the Co-Director of The Political Economy Research Centre in London.[1][2]


Selected Articles[edit]

“Leave, and Leave Again”, London Review of Books (2019)

"What is “neo” about Neoliberalism?", The New Republic (2017)

"On mental health, the royal family is doing more than our government", The Guardian (2017)

"The Age of Pain", The New Statesman (2017)


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