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William E. Nelson (born February 18, 1941) is a known environmental wax researcher from Perth, Ontario, Canada.

Nelson is an inventor who has discovered many applications for wax in diverse areas (including) the cleanup of oil spills, stabilizing fly ash piles, coal dust from open rail cars, uranium mine tailings, preventing soil gasses such as radon Rn-222 and water entry into homes, cocooning radioactive waste materials in preparation for long term burial, and reclaiming contaminated land for re-cultivation. In 1974 he discovered and demonstrated how to collect and prevent carbon emissions from fossil fueled industrial stacks and internal combustion engines. In 1956 he discovered and developed a wax/oxygen fuel for space rocket propulsion and coined the word, waxogen. He has successfully demonstrated wax technologies for Governments in the U.S.S.R, U.S.A. and Canada.

Willy is dedicating the rest of his life towards the prevention of global warming in promotion and education of environmental wax technology.