William E. Watson

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William E. Watson
Born New York City
Alma mater University of Pennsylvania, Eastern College
Employer Immaculata University
Awards Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award at Immaculata University
Website immaculata.edu/node/253

William E. Watson was born in New York City. He is Professor of History at Immaculata University in Malvern, Pennsylvania. He received his PhD in Medieval History from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the director of the Duffy's Cut Project. He was a Commonwealth Speaker for the Pennsylvania Humanities Council 2006-2007,[1] and was also the recipient of the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award at Immaculata University for the year 2006-2007.


Scholarly Articles[edit]

Some of his publications in medieval history are available at De Re Militari, the medieval military history society:

Watson's paper at the Immaculata University Chronicle of Faith Conference (April 4, 2008) is available

Watson's paper at the University of Oregon conference The Millennium: Russia and Christianity AD 988-1988 (April 11, 1988)


Watson's dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania: Watson, William Ernest (January 1, 1990). The hammer and the crescent: Contacts between Andalusi Muslims, Franks, and their successors in three waves of Muslim expansion into Francia (dissertation). 


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