William Erwin Antony

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William Erwin Antony (died 1964) was an electrical engineer and pioneer in radio and television transmission.


He founded and/or was the engineer for 25 radio stations in the Shreveport, Louisiana area. These include KWKH, WAAG, WGAQ, KGDX, WMAU, KFHF, KGGH, KTSL, KWEA and even early experimental stations like 4CK and 5ZS.

He built the actual transmitter and antenna (the Telsine) for very first TV station in the southern United States. The picture and the audio channels were licensed separately as W9XX and W5XA respectively. The first image he transmitted was a still picture of cartoon character Krazy Kat.

Later, he helped create the radio detonators used for the atomic bombs that went off over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He died in 1964.