William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center

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William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center
Syracuse Regional Transportation Center.jpg
Walsh Regional Transportation Center in Syracuse.
Location1 Walsh Circle
Syracuse, NY 13208
Coordinates43°04′36″N 76°10′09″W / 43.0767°N 76.1691°W / 43.0767; -76.1691Coordinates: 43°04′36″N 76°10′09″W / 43.0767°N 76.1691°W / 43.0767; -76.1691
Owned byIntermodal Transportation Center, Inc.
Line(s)Empire Corridor (Syracuse Terminal Subdivision)
Platforms1 side platform
ConnectionsBus transport CENTRO: 16, 45, 46, 48, 50, 82, 88, 116, 188, 216, 246, 248, 316, 550
Bus transport Greyhound
Bus transport Megabus: M26
Bus transport Trailways
Bicycle facilitiesYes
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Station codeSYR
Passengers (2017)131,881 (Amtrak)[1]Increase 2.65%
Preceding station BSicon LOGO Amtrak2.svg Amtrak Following station
Rochester Empire Service Rome
toward New York
Rochester Maple Leaf
toward Chicago
Lake Shore Limited Utica
Limited/former services
Preceding station BSicon LOGO Amtrak2.svg Amtrak Following station
Limited service
New York State Fair Empire Service Rome
toward New York
New York State Fair Maple Leaf
Former service
toward Chicago
Lake Shore Utica

The William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center is the long-distance ground travel (rail and bus) terminal serving the Syracuse, New York area. It is served by Amtrak, Greyhound Lines, Megabus, and Trailways. Local and regional bus transportation is provided by the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (CENTRO). Various taxi firms service the Center, as well. The Regional Transportation Center is located on the north side of Syracuse, adjacent to the Central New York Regional Market and near Destiny USA.

Syracuse is served by two trains daily on the Lake Shore Limited, four trains daily of the Empire Service, and two trains daily on the Maple Leaf.


Former Syracuse station from platform, November 1994

When the financially desperate New York Central Railroad sold off its elevated right-of-way through downtown Syracuse to the State of New York in 1962, all rail service was re-routed onto a former freight bypass to the north of the city center. The elevated line and train station had been in service for less than 30 years, having replaced tracks that ran at-grade through the center of Washington Street.

From this time until the late 1990s, bus service remained at the former train station downtown, but with the former train route converted into Interstate 690 (a downtown freeway, in vogue among mid-century urban planners), rail passengers were forced to use a "temporary" structure near the freight yards in East Syracuse. Both options proved decidedly unpopular, with the train station in particular becoming synonymous with Amtrak's many woes.

Opened in 1998, the Regional Transportation Center replaced both venues, re-integrating bus and rail service for the first time since the early 1960s. There were provisions built for OnTrack, Syracuse's commuter train line built on the former Lackawanna right-of-way through Armory Square, to call at the station. However, a bridge that was intended to connect the two lines was never built after CSX claimed construction could destabilize its freight rail bridge, and the OnTrack program was axed due to low ridership.[2] The station is named for William F. Walsh, a former mayor of Syracuse and representative in the U.S. Congress.

Station layout[edit]

The station is built at ground level, with bus loading/unloading areas in front of the main entrance, and stairs and an elevator leading up to the tracks, which are on an embankment. A central concourse with shops and a waiting room links the two areas. Trains call at a single high-level island platform serving one (nominally eastbound) track; provisions were made for cross-platform transfers with OnTrack on the other side, but the program was canceled before service ever reached the station.

Amtrak Syracuse station platform
Platform level
Track 3 No passenger service
Track 2 No passenger service
Track 1 Empire Service toward Niagara Falls, NY (Rochester)
Maple Leaf toward Toronto (Rochester)
Lake Shore Limited toward Chicago (Rochester)
Empire Service, Maple Leaf toward New York City (Rome)
Lake Shore Limited toward New York City or Boston (Utica)
Side platform, doors will open on the left or right Handicapped/disabled access
Expansion Area (designed for OnTrack)
G Street level Exit/entrance and station building

CENTRO bus service[edit]

Fifteen CENTRO bus routes serve the Walsh Regional Transportation Center from Auburn, Fulton, Liverpool, Oswego, Phoenix, Skaneateles, Syracuse, and nearby areas.[3]

Route No. Route Name Variations Notes
16 North Salina - 7th North 116, 216, 316 7 days, 5:23am - 10:35pm+
40 Syracuse University Hill - Hospitals 240, 340 7 days, 7:38am - 6:50pm+; less on weekends
46 Liverpool - Rte 57 weekdays only, 8:14am - 9:56pm; limited return
48 Liverpool - Morgan Rd Sat/Sun only, 9:55am - 5:55pm; no return
50 Destiny USA - Downtown Transit Hub 150, 550 7 days, 5:23am - 10:30pm+; starts & ends later on weekends
236 Auburn - Syracuse via Skaneateles 138 Sat/Sun only, 9:55am - 5:55pm
246 Oswego - Syracuse via Fulton - Phoenix 7 days, 10:43am - 5:50pm; additional return service

The most frequently serviced corridor is between the Regional Transportation Center and the Downtown Syracuse CENTRO Transit Hub (at Salina and Adams Streets), via Route Nos. 16, 46, 50, 116, 216, 316, and 550. Transfers to buses serving other routes may be made at Destiny USA or the Downtown Transit Hub. Standard local fares are $2.00 per person; with children aged 6-9, seniors 65+ and persons with disabilities at $1.00 per person. Children under 6 are free.[4] Fares for the longer distance regional bus routes are on a zone basis, up to $4.00 each way per person for the Auburn (Aub36) line, and $5.00 for the Oswego (Osw46) line.[5][6]

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