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William Fetherstone Montgomery (1797-1859) was an Irish obstetrician credited for first describing the Glands of Montgomery.[1]

William Fetherstone Montgomery
Born 1797
Dublin, Ireland
Died 1859
Dublin, Ireland
Cause of death angina pectoris
Resting place Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin
Nationality Irish
Citizenship Irish
Education medicine
Alma mater Trinity College, Dublin
Occupation Academia (Professor of Midwifery), Obstetrics, Gynecology
Years active 1820s-1859
Employer College of Physicians
Known for Obstetrics, Gynecology


Montgomery was born, raised and educated in Dublin, Ireland. He attended medical school at Trinity College, Dublin. After graduating Montgomery was appointed professor of Midwifery at the College of Physicians in Dublin and would later serve two terms as President of the College.[2]

His papers and studies were focused on the breast, in particular changes to the nipple and areola.[2] He was instrumental in establishing the chair of obstetrics at the Irish College of Physicians. He died in 1859 of angina pectoris and buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery in Dublin.

Montgomery was married; his great-grandson H. L. Hardy Greer was an obstetrician at the Royal Maternity Hospital in Belfast.[2]


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