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William Goulding (15 November 1817 – 8 December 1884)[1] was an Irish Conservative Party politician from Cork. He was a Member of Parliament (MP) from 1876 to 1880.

At the general election in February 1874, he was stood unsuccessfully as a candidate in Cork City, where both seats were won by nationalist Repeal Association candidates.[2] After the Home Rule League MP Joseph Ronayne died in May 1876, the nationalist vote at the resulting by-election was split between two candidates for the single seat, and Goulding won the seat in the House of Commons.[3] However, at the 1880 general election, nationalists fielded only two candidates for Cork's two seats, and Goulding was defeated.

He stood again at the by-election in February 1884 after the resignation of John Daly, but was defeated again.[4] Two Conservatives candidates contested Cork City at the 1885 general election, and one Unionist candidate stood at the by-election in 1891, but Goulding was the last Conservative or Unionist to be elected as MP for Cork City.[5]

After his death in 1884, a stained glass window representing the Good Shepherd was erected to his memory on the east wall of Taney parish church in Dundrum, County Dublin.[6]


His son William Goulding (1856–1925), a prominent freemason who was director several railway companies in Ireland, was made a baronet in 1904.[7] The 3rd Baronet, Basil Goulding, was a notable art collector and the husband of Valerie Goulding, an Irish senator and campaigner for disabled people.


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