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William Gush (23 April 1813 – 28 February 1888) was an English portrait painter born near London.[1]He lived at 40 Camden Square, Camden, London between 1860 and 1864. [2]



  • Charles Wesley
  • Sir John Harrison Yallop, late mayor of Norwich. (1833)
  • Duke of Beaufort, in the uniform of the Gloucester Yeomanry Cavalry
  • Frederick Aaron,
  • Abraham and Susannah Riddiford.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Townsend of the 14th Royal Light Dragoons
  • Reverend James Henry Monk Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, painted for the Bishop’s College in Clifton exhibited in 1842
  • the Richard White, 1st Earl of Bantry (1767–1851) exhibited in 1844.
  • Mrs Mills.
  • Lieutenant General Sir William Fenwick Williams of Kars, Bart., KCB is
  • Charles Frederick Allison, the founder of the University.
  • Charles Allison’s wife and daughter
  • Reverend Humphrey Pickard
  • Reverend John Beecham, the first president of the Wesleyan Conference of Eastern British America
  • John Curwen, a writer on music.
  • Sir John Eardley Inglis
  • Mrs Philip Vanderbyl
  • At Lessons
  • and Blackberries
  • The New Song (1874)


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