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For the Canadian lawyer and businessman, see William Henry Beatty.
Cropped 1890 image of California Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Beatty.

William Henry Beatty (1838–1914) was the 15th Chief Justice of California from 1889–1914. Previously, he was Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court from 1879–1880.

Personal information[edit]

William lived on a farm, which was later owned by Judge William Savage, until he was grown. Currently Judge Rees, who is a member of the Court of Appeals, owns the farm and is the third distinguished lawyer to own this farm. Once William became an adult, he was included as a member of his grandfather’s family.[1]

Early Years[edit]

William H. Beatty was born in a small village called Monclova, Ohio. He was born on February 18, 1838. His earlier years were spent in Kentucky due to the fact that that is where his parents were originally from, and they decided to move back to their native state. In the year of 1853, his parents once again decided to move, but this time to California. His father then became a successful lawyer, and his expertise in law gave William an advantage in his educational process. When he turned eighteen, he was more than ready to begin college. He spent his college years studying at the University of Virginia.[2]


In 1874, Judge Beatty married Miss Elizabeth M. Lovewho is from Salisbury, North Carolina.


Beatty was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California for over 25 years.[1] But before that, in the year of 1858, he went back to California and joined his father in the practice of law in Sacramento until the year of 1863. He had moved to Nevada, and there he was recognized for his excellence as a lawyer. From there he was elected to be the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Nevada in the year of 1875 until 1880.[2]

Legal offices
Preceded by
Niles Searls
Chief Justice of California
Succeeded by
Matt I. Sullivan


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