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William Henry Getchell (1829–1910) was a photographer in 19th-century Boston, Massachusetts.[1] He was born in Hallowell, Maine, on March 10, 1829.[2] He lived in Peoria, Illinois, and then moved to Boston. In 1857 he married Sarah Hapgood; they had one child—Frederick Getchell (b. 1858).[3] In the early 1860s Getchell worked in Boston with George M. Silsbee and John G. Case as "Silsbee, Case & Co.;"[4] and again with Case as "Case & Getchell," ca.1862-1864.[5] He later ran a solo photography studio in the 1860s and 1870s. As of 1898 he lived in Dorchester. He died in Boston in August, 1910.


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W.H. Getchell

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