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William H. Simon is the professor of Law at Columbia Law School holding the Arthur Levitt Professor of Law; and Everett B. Birch Professor in Professional Responsibility chairs. Simon's areas of expertise are Professional responsibility and Social Policy. Simon holds a bachelor's degree from Princeton University and a JD from Harvard University.[1] Simon is best known for his public stance against unethical lawyers selling unjustified written legal opinions to clients who use such dubious advice to escape criminal consequences of their actions.[2]

Recent publications[edit]

  • "The Market for Bad Legal Advice: Academic Professional Responsibility Consulting as An Example,"[1] Stanford Law Review (forthcoming 2008);
  • "Wrongs of Ignorance and Ambiguity: Lawyer Responsibility for Collective Misconduct," Yale Journal of Regulation (2005);
  • "Destabilization Rights: How Public Law Litigation Succeeds," Harvard Law Review (2004) (with Charles Sabel).


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