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William Hamilton
8th Mayor of the City of Flint, Michigan
In office
Preceded by William Paterson
Succeeded by William B. McCreery[1]
17th Mayor of the City of Flint, Michigan
In office
Preceded by Alexander McFarland
Succeeded by Edward Hughes Thompson[1]
3rd Alderman
In office
Serving with Samuel B. Wicks (1861)
Edward C. Turner
Preceded by Samuel N. Warren
Succeeded by I. N. Eldridge
Constituency 2nd Ward, City of Flint, Michigan[2]
1st Assessor
In office
1855 – ?
Preceded by none
Succeeded by ?
Constituency 2nd Ward, City of Flint, Michigan[3]
Personal details
Children Lizzie

William Hamilton was a Michigan Politician that was the ninth and 18th mayor of the City of Flint, Michigan serving from 1863–65 and 1876-77.[4]

Political life[edit]

At the first Flint City elections in 1855, Hamilton was selected as Second Ward Assessor.[3] From 1861-1863 for 2 terms, he was City Council Alderman from the 2nd ward.[2] He was elected as the eighth mayor of the City of Flint in 1863 and again in 1864 serving two one-year term. He was later elected to the office again in 1876.[4]

Post-political life[edit]

His daughter, Lizzie, died from consumption on 9 January 1878.[5]

Political offices
Preceded by
William Paterson
Mayor of Flint
Succeeded by
William B. McCreery
Preceded by
Alexander McFarland
Mayor of Flint
Succeeded by
Edward Hughes Thompson
Preceded by
Samuel N. Warren
Alderman, 2nd Ward of Flint
with Samuel B. Wicks (1861)
Edward C. Turner
Succeeded by
I. N. Eldridge
Preceded by
Assessor, 2nd Ward of Flint
Succeeded by


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