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Professor William B. Helmreich[1] is a professor of sociology "at the City College of New York and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York." He is also a published author[2][3] (14 books as of 2013).[4]

He published a sociology work in 1979 titled "Old Wine in New Bottles: Advanced Yeshivot in the United States".[5]

The City University of New York website lists Helmreich as "Distinguished Professor"[4] and lists his areas of specialization as "race and ethnic relations, religion, immigration, risk behavior, the sociology of New York City, urban sociology, consumer behavior and market research."


European-born (1945) Helmreich[6] "was brought to this country as an infant" by his Holocaust-survivor parents.[3] He wrote about his growing up years in a book he named "Wake Up, Wake Up, to Do the Work of the Creator" (a phrase, spoken in Yiddish, by those who went house-to-house to awaken worshippers for daily prayer).[7]


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