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This article is about the American entomologist William Henry Edwards. For England-born actor and entomologist, see Henry Edwards (entomologist).
For other people of the same name, see William Edwards (disambiguation).
William Henry Edwards
Born (1822-03-15)15 March 1822
Hunter, New York
Died 4 April 1901(1901-04-04) (aged 79)
Coalburg, West Virginia
Residence United States
Known for A Voyage Up the River Amazon

William Henry Edwards (March 15, 1822 – April 4, 1909) was an important entomologist in the United States.


Edwards was born in Hunter, Greene County, New York. He is remembered for his trip to the Amazon in 1846, that he recorded in his book A Voyage Up the River Amazon, with a residency at Pará[1] (1847), that inspired Alfred Russel Wallace and Henry Walter Bates to make their famous trip to the region (and Bates to write The Naturalist on the River Amazons); Para is modern Belem. Edwards published the first major study of "The Butterflies of North America" (finished in 1897). He was an observer of the American Civil War and a correspondent of Darwin. He died at his home "Bellefleur" in Coalburg, West Virginia.[2] The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.[3]


His writings included A Voyage up the River Amazon (16mo, 256 pp. New York: 1847. New edition, 12mo, 8 + 210 pp. London, 1855); The Butterflies of North America, series 1-3 (4to, illus. New York and Boston : 1868-1897);[4] Synopsis of North American Butterflies (410, 5+52 pp. Philadelphia: 1872); "Catalogue of the Diurnal Lepidoptera of America North of Mexico " (Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc., Vol. 6, pp. 1–68) ; "Revised Catalogue of the Diurnal Lepidoptera of America North of Mexico " (8vo, pp. 95. Philadelphia : 1884). He published over two hundred and fifty scientific papers.[5]

Edwards published a few works on matters other than his own speciality, entomology, including a monograph calling into question the authorship of the accepted works of Shakespeare,[6] and his grandfather's memoirs.[7]


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