William Henry Gill

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William Henry Gill
W. H. Gill, Manx Composer and Musicologist.JPG
Born24 October 1839
Marsala, Sicily
Died27 June 1923
Angmering, Sussex, England[1]

William Henry Gill (24 October 1839 - 27 June 1923) was a Manx musical scholar who wrote and composed anthem of Isle of Man, "Arrane Ashoonagh Dy Vannin".[2]

Life and career[edit]

Gill was born at Marsala, Sicily to Manx parents, and he was educated at King William's College.[3] He lived in London most of his life but remained interested in his roots. The anthem is a traditional Manx ballad. Gill's words were published as "Eaisht oo as Clash-tyn" ("Listen and Hear") in Manx National Songs in 1896. "The Manx Fisherman's Evening Hymn" and "Peel Castle."[4] Gill also collected and arranged material in England, particularly that associated with Sussex.[1]

Gill also published A Manx Wedding and Other Songs.[5]


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