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W.H. Hamilton Rogers, portrait circa 1890

William Henry Hamilton Rogers (1 October 1834 – 20 November 1913), Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London (FSA), (works published as "W.H. Hamilton Rogers"), of Ridgeway Row in Colyton,[1] Devon, was an English historian and antiquarian who specialised in the Westcountry of England. He frequently worked with the illustrator Roscoe Gibbs.

List of publications[edit]

  • Bells of Memory, 1862
  • The Spirit of the Minor Prophets Metrically Rendered, 1865
  • The Ancient Sepulchral Effigies and Monumental and Memorial Sculpture of Devon, Exeter, 1877
  • The Fate of Clifton-Maubank, 1888
  • Memorials of the West, Historical and Descriptive, Collected on the Borderland of Somerset, Dorset and Devon, Exeter, 1888
    • archive.org text
      • List of chapters: Beer and its Quarry; John Prince, the Devonshire Biographer; The fate of Clifton-Maubank (Horsey); Augustus Mantague Toplady: His Home in Devon; A Seventeenth Century Bellfounder; Two Georgian Secretaries-at-War (Yonge); The Shrine of an Old Freemason; The Cradle of Marlborough; The Founder and Foundress of Wadham; A Tudor Baron and Earl (Daubeney); Memories of the Vale of Coly; The Cistercian at the Source of Culm; The Nest of Carew (Ottery-Mohun); Traditions of Colcombe (Courtenay and Pole); Axmouth and Bindon;
  • The Strife of the Roses & Days of the Tudors in the West, Exeter, 1890.
    • on-line text, freefictionbooks
    • on-line text, with images, Project Gutenburg
    • archive.org text
      • List of chapters: 1: "Our Steward of Household", Robert, Lord Willoughby de Broke, KG; 2: Extinct for the White Rose, William Lord Bonville, KG; 3: Under the Hoof of the White Boar, Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, KG; 4: Unhorsed at Bosworth, John, Lord Cheyney, KG; 5: "With the Silver Hand",Stafford of Suthwyke, Archbishop and Earl; 6: "They did Cast him", Sir Thomas Arundell, KB; 7: Of the Imperial Line, Theodoro Paleologus. 183
  • Maps and plans of old Southampton, Southampton, Southampton record Society, vol.3
  • Wanderings in Devon
    • Chapters include: Beer and its Quarry; The Nest of the Mohuns and Carews; The Cradle of Marlborough; The Founder of Wadham; John Prince the Devonshire Biographer; Toplady and his Devonshire home; The great House, Colyton, and Who Lived There; Dunkeswell Abbey and its Founder; Colcombe and the Devonshire Antiquary; Axmouth and its Landslip.
  • West-Country Stories and Sketches: Biographical and Historical, 1895
  • Archaeological Papers Relating to the Counties of Somerset, Willts, Hants and Devon, Published by Barnicott and Pearce, Athenaeum Press, 1902

Further reading[edit]

  • Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries, Vol. VIII, Jan.1914-Oct.1915, Exeter, 1915, pp. 1–2, Obituary [1]


  1. ^ In 1877 he was resident at Colyton, Devon, from where he dated his preface to Ancient Sepulchral Effigies

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