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William Henry Lambton (1764–1797) was a British Member of Parliament (MP), representing the City of Durham, a role in which he was succeeded by his brother. He was the son of John Lambton, who preceded him in representing Durham in the House of Commons.

Lambton was a Freemason, and in 1788 was installed as the first Provincial Grand Master of Durham. The Durham cathedral organist, Thomas Ebdon, composed a march for the occasion.[1]

In 1791, Lambton married Anne Barbara Frances Villiers, the daughter of George Villiers, 4th Earl of Jersey. He died of consumption on 30 November 1797, and is buried in the old English cemetery in Livorno, Italy. His eldest son, John George was made Earl of Durham.[2][3]


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Parliament of Great Britain
Preceded by
Major General John Lambton
John Tempest
Member of Parliament for Durham
With: John Tempest 1787–1794
Sir Henry Vane-Tempest 1794–1797
Succeeded by
Ralph John Lambton
Sir Henry Vane-Tempest