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Sir William Henry Wilkinson (traditional Chinese: 務謹順, simplified Chinese: 务谨顺; May 10, 1858[1] - 1930) was a British Sinologist who served as Consul-General for H.B.M in China and Korea. He was also a playing card collector and card game enthusiast.

British Diplomatic Service[edit]

?-1893 Consul at Swatow[2][3]
1893-94 Acting Consul-General at Seoul[1][4]
1894-97 Acting Vice-Consul at Chemulpo[1][4]
1900-01 Consul at Ningpo[5]
1901-02 Acting Consul at Wenchow[5]
1902-09 Consul-General at Kunming and Szemao[5]
1909-11 Consul-General at Chengtu[5]
1911-12 Consul-General at Mukden[5][6]
1912-17 Consul-General at Hankow[6][7]


  • The Game of Khanhoo (London, 1891)
  • A Manual of Chinese Chess (Shanghai, 1893)
  • Chinese Origin of Playing Cards (1895)
  • The Corean government: constitutional changes, July 1894 to October 1895. With an appendix on subsequent enactments to 30th June 1896 (1896)
  • Bridge Maxims (1918)
  • Mah-Jongg: a memorandum (1925)


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