William Howard Taft University

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William Howard Taft University
William Howard Taft University seal.png
Established 1976
President Dr. Neil A. Johnson
Location Denver, Colorado
Website http://www.taft.edu/

William Howard Taft University is an accredited private university headquartered in Colorado. Founded in 1976 as a graduate school providing continuing education for certified public accountants (CPAs), the university evolved as a pioneer and leader in distance education. Today, it is listed in United States Department of Education's official database of accredited academic institutions, and offers nationally accredited academic programs up to doctoral level. Its professors and graduates include current and retired professors in traditional universities. William Howard Taft University and Taft Law School together form the Taft University System.


William Howard Taft University's Doctor of Education program was suspended in 2003 in order for the university to obtain Distance Education and Training Council accreditation, since DETC did not accredit doctoral programs at the time. In 2009, when DETC’s scope of authority was expanded to include professional doctorates, the program was resumed.[1][2]

Starting in 2006, it offered a Master of Education degree.[3]

Starting in 2010, it offered Doctor of Business Administration and B.S. in Business Administration.[4][5]


On June 7, 2003, William Howard Taft University was awarded accreditation by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).[6] On July 2, 2013 the Commission voted to extend its accreditation until 2018.

The DEAC (formerly known as the DETC) is one of 12 accrediting agencies fully recognized by the U.S. Department of Education'[7]. Consequently, degrees awarded by DEAC-accredited universities are recognised, as are degrees awarded by those which are accredited by the other 11 recognised accrediting agencies, by the federal government. The standards used by DEAC for accrediting universities are the same as those used by regional accreditation agencies to ensure that academic quality of degrees earned from DEAC-accredited universities are the same as those earned from regionally accredited universities[8].

TaftU is also a member of Council for Higher Education Accreditation and is listed in its "Database of Institutions Accredited by Recognized U.S. Accrediting Organizations" [9]. TaftU is listed in the U.S. Department of Education's "The Database of Accredited postsecondary Institutions and Programs" [10] [11] as a recognized university.


William Howard Taft University offers an online Bachelor's degree completion program in business administration, master's degree programs in business administration (M.B.A. programs) in general business, healthcare administration, entrepreneurship, and private practice management. Master's degree programs are also offered in taxation (M.S.T.) and education (M.Ed.). Doctoral degree programs are offered in business (D.B.A.) and education (Ed.D.). There are undergraduate certificate programs in marketing, eBusiness, finance, accounting, international business, and project management.

Most of Taft's EdD alumni have become academicians, school leaders in public school districts or consultants. Those who have become academicians include Dr. Scott Morrison of St. Mary's University, Calgary,[12] Dr. Sam Stewart of Abilene Christian University,[13] Dr. Susan Ratliff of Hartnell College,[14] and Dr. Shirley Caruso of Northeastern Illinois University.[15]


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