William I, Count of Eu

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William I, Count of Eu (978-after 1057), illegitimate son of Richard I, Duke of Normandy.[1] Count of Eu and Count of Hiémois. William succeeded his nephew, Gilbert, as Count of Eu and Hiémois after his murder in 1040.

William rebelled against his half-brother Richard II, Duke of Normandy, and was captured by Raoul d’Ivry and imprisoned by Turquetil of Harcourt, former governor of William the Conqueror.. He escaped five years later and, eventually, was pardoned by Richard and given leave to marry into the Harcourt family.

William married Lesceline, daughter of Turquetil. William and Lesceline had three children:

William’s son, Robert, succeeded him as count of Eu.[2]


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