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William Ian Miller (born March 30, 1946) is the Thomas G. Long Professor of Law at the University of Michigan.[1] He is also Honorary Professor of History at the University of St. Andrews.[2] His area of specialty is the sagas of medieval Iceland, but he also has written extensively on revenge and on various emotions, mostly self-attention. He grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, received his BA from the University of Wisconsin in 1969; a Ph.D in English and a JD in law at Yale 1975, 1980.[3]


  • "Why is your axe bloody?": A Reading of Njáls saga (Oxford University Press, 2014)[4]
  • "Losing It, in which an aging professor laments his shrinking brain, which he flatters himself formerly did him noble service: a plaint, tragic-comical, historical, vengeful, sometimes satirical and thankful in six parts, if his memory does yet serve" (Yale University Press, 2011).[5]"Losing It" was chosen by the Chicago Tribune as one of the best books of 2011.[6]
  • "Audun and the Polar Bear: Luck, Law, and Largesse in a Medieval Tale of Risky Business" (Brill, 2008).[7]
  • "Eye for an Eye" (Cambridge University Press, 2006); Arabic, Italian, Chinese translations, 2008.[8]
  • "Faking It" (Cambridge University Press, 2003).[9]
  • "The Mystery of Courage" (Harvard University Press, 2000); Spanish translation, 2005.[10]
  • "The Anatomy of Disgust" (Harvard University Press, 1997); Spanish and Italian translations, 1999, Slovenian translation, 2006.[11] Chosen best book by the Association of American Publishers, 1997, in sociology/anthropology.[12]
  • "Humiliation: and other essays on Honor, Social Discomfort, and Violence" (Cornell University Press, 1993).[13]
  • "Bloodtaking and Peacemaking: Feud, Law, and Society in Saga Iceland" (University of Chicago Press, 1990).[14]
  • "Law and Literature in Medieval Iceland: Ljósvetninga sagaand Valla-Ljóts saga" (Stanford University Press, 1989) (with Theodore M. Andersson).[15]


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